Another Installment of Our Mini Mid-Life Crisis

(I wrote this part of the post on our flight home last week)

So here I am on another Southwest Airlines flight, sitting in a middle seat (that’s what happens when you fly standby), but that is okay because my lovely lady (she’s not going to like me calling her that, which makes it all the more fun to do so) also made the flight and it is a nonstop (we love nonstops).  We spent three full days in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, California, and we are headed back to St. Louis. 

Before I get to today’s installment of what Karma calls, “The Year of I Don’t Care”, and what I am calling, “Take Two Beers & Jump” per last week’s post, I want to say thank you to all the Southwest Airlines employees/friends for making our traveling this summer possible.   As many of you know, I worked for SWA for 13 years, and our son Robbie has worked for SWA for about 3 years.  I left the company a little over a year ago, but we are still treated like family when we travel.  It was a great place to work then and it makes me happy that Robbie also enjoys working at SWA now. 

Okay, back to our next step in life.  We moved to St. Louis in 1995, it was a good move for us, Karma got into graduate school at Wash U., and I was excited to try something new.  We made a good home here, raised Robbie, and enjoy so much of what Missouri has to offer, but we have never felt like we really fit here.  Sometimes we feel like two square pegs trying to fit into a round hole. 

It was different for us in Venice.  It felt like we belonged.  When we walked outside LAX, I took a deep breath and thought, “We’re home”. 

So — we felt like we were home — great — now what are we going to do about it?  How are we going to swing a move to California, moving from one of the most reasonable places in the U.S., to one of the most expensive?  I have a plan.  I can borrow Greg’s tent, he says that it is like a three bedroom house (of course he made this claim after he had consumed a few glasses of wine).  Maybe that’s not the most reasonable plan… 

Here are some plans that I think may be more reasonable:

Plan 1:  I can put all my efforts into promoting InPerspire and sell 1,000,000 fitness towels this year and Karma can find a job teaching elementary school in Venice.

Plan 2:  I can start working full time at Trader Joe’s and transfer to California and Karma can work on getting a job teaching elementary school.

Plan 3:  I can get a haircut and find a job with one of the airlines at LAX and Karma can find a job teaching elementary school; InPerspire will of course continue to play a part in all these plans.

Plan 4:  One of the above plans actually works and the whole St. Louis clan moves to Venice: Robbie, Tricia, Karma, Myself, Orange, Grey, Pumpkin, and Cowboy Bebop (the last four are felines). 

What’s stopping us from putting our master plan into motion? 

We have a case of the What ifs…

To be continued…


16 thoughts on “Another Installment of Our Mini Mid-Life Crisis

  1. WOW, quite a post AND love the pics!!!!! Here I want to escape the craziness of southern CA & you want to come back! 🙂

    Great workout this morn but weird people (is it a full moon?)…

    weights – awesome!

  2. Your comment made me laugh about us wanted to come back and you wanting to escape made me laugh, so did the comment about the full moon. I had Jimmy check the calendar and indeed it was a full moon yesterday!

  3. I am so thankful that I am way way______ past the mid life crazies. But you two make me laugh and bring many memories to mind. Things will come about in time, and you can’t hurry them along. You can try, but it usually doesn’t work out. Enjoy what you have right now and all will wash out.

    Went for a long walk today. Enjoyed the cooler weather this morning and so did our friend.

    See ya! M.

  4. We did have a great time in California, and I do think that one day we will end up back on the beach, it may just be my ashes, but I will get back to the beach. People move all the time, and we do not need to stay in Venice, maybe we stay for a few years and then go someplace else, or maybe we just take two beers and jump, but today I am enjoying the St. Louis weather.
    We went for a good run today, and did boot camp.
    I hope all of you are having a great day.

  5. I agree with you, M, everything will work out. It always does. I do not agree with you, Jimmyspin, it will not be just your ashes on the beach; that I can promise you.

    Today was a perfect weather day in St. Louis. I am trying to run farther and so we went a different route. We are going to map it tonite.

  6. Thank you for this post. I loved it. You guys always inspire me, or I guess I should say inperspire on here. Anyway, I think it’s awsome you have some place you can go and feel “at home” I can totally relate to the not quite fitting anywhere, I haven’t found that place to fit yet, but I think I’m also done looking for it. I’m a contented alien. You guys rock! I say keep jumping until you land where you want.

    • Hi Jeremy.This is Dana from Inperspire..You should try Seattle this is the only place my husband and I have found to call home,after moving all over the USA. Good-luck on your search 🙂

    • Hey Jeremy! Thanks for your words of wisdom. You know we love you :). I think we are feeling “a little froggy” right now, but the good thing is wherever we land we will have good friends for support.

      I can’t wait to hear the ceremony you have written for Tunit’s and Robbie’s wedding. Robbie said it is awesomely you.

      Contented alien – you need to coin that term. Also, I need to write some more for our poetry blog.

  7. I know this story about the tent and I know that you,Darla and your cats will not fit in this tent!! haha.I can only wait for Greg’s response. We know the true feeling of home, I hope you all find it soon.

    • Mary – You will have to dish on whether Stacey is better. I can’t come to Zumba on Sunday 😦 I will be advising all day, but the following Sunday I will be there!

  8. I miss Missouri, but I am taking good care of SoCal for Karma. If she wants to come teach elementary school, I know an awesome school where she could teach with a former advisee…

    Wash U class of 2009

    • Ashley!!!! Oh my goodness, how surprised was I to see your comment here. Goodness, you know I miss you dearly. When you have 5 minutes, send me an email and tell me exactly what you are up. And, I may totally take you up on the awesome school possibility. Kiss So Cal for me. Lotsa love! DD

      P.S. I am so proud to see you sign with…Wash U Class of 2009. You did such a good job.

  9. Dear Spinner Dolphin…

    I would happily lend you my multi-unit, condo complex of a tent… However, you’ve been to my house and seen my neighbors so you’ll understand when I say, “sorry, but the extended family’s are in town and we’re all filled up”…

    I do wish very enthusiastically that the whole spin clan would move to the West Coast soon so that I can crash your party at will. I still think you need to consider King County Washington as an alternative.

    Great post my midwest brother from another mother…

    • Your sister from another mother – that’s how I see myself – wants you to know that King County is always in the plans. Why? Because you’re there.

  10. I understand that feeling of home! When I moved to Gainesville I had that experience. It was a wonderful feeling that I still treasure.

    Glad for you guys!!!

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