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As my semester begins to ramp up I noticed two things yesterday.  In the middle of one meeting I felt a familiar numbness between my eyebrows signaling I was getting a headache (I realized later I haven’t had one of these headaches since the end of last semester) and when I got back to my office from this meeting I immediately went to the kitchen and grabbed a banana muffin (and not a good homemade one, the ones from the bakery on campus) and I ate that muffin in one fell swoop. 

The headache was related to tension and the banana muffin was a way to cope with that tension.  After I thought about this a little, I realized that making bad food choices to cope will lead me down familiar roads, the same roads I have been trying to fix this past year.  So, this cartoon is meant to remind me that eating cupcakes and multi-vitamins for breakfast is not going to get me where I want to go.  It also makes me laugh.

Have a Beautiful Saturday!


13 thoughts on “Temptations…

  1. Oh, my sister and niece and nephew are in town, too!
    We’re going to Six Flags with the tickets I won from Zumba for the Cure! 🙂

  2. That is the funniest cartoon!!!!!!

    I have some great portable homemade protein bars & cookies on my site! As with me on my trek to UCLA for my teeth!!!!

    Have a great day. We are thankful for a cool down here after the heat wave!!!

    • Jody – I will get the recipes. I saw the protein bars and the looked good and good for you. I will get some made to stave off those feelings. Thanks for reminding. Stay cool :).

  3. been there..done that too! Thanks for the post, I am hungry right now so this actually made me skip the cheetos I was reaching for 🙂

  4. So as I was going through blogs all I see is the cupcake on yours. So I think to myself how does she know that I just ate two cupcakes and thats all I want to eat for the rest of my life currently. LOL oh my word…. this actually just helped me go walk downstairs to the little old ladies apartment and give her the rest of my cupcakes. Thanks for the guilt trip LOL!


    • Erica – You make me laugh. I often think that those of us who visit each other’s blogs are thinking on the same wavelength – without even knowing it.

      I love cupcakes too and I have never, ever stopped at eating just one – never! I am sure the little old ladies appreciate your generosity :).

  5. I have the same stress, back-to-school headache. Fortunately, I always pack lots of healthy snacks for the boys so that when my tummy grumbles, there is food at hand.

    Feel better.

    • Isn’t that weird how our bodies react to stress – I know that we know that our bodies are reflections of how we feel – but when it happens and you can actually connect them it is crazy.

      I think snacks are the way to go for me this year. All summer I didn’t have to worry too much about it bc the stress was done and so I didn’t even go to the office kitchen where snacks abound. I can see that snacks in my office (healthy ones) are going to save me.

  6. Okay, here is the Skipper update:

    Thursday night – 5 mile bike ride
    Friday – Ran, and ran, and ran – spending hours chasing the 4 year old boys on our street (and that exhausts me); bike ride
    Sunday – long, long bike ride coming up – while I race!

    • Skipper is the best. Reading about his running around made me remember how much time we spent outside playing kick the can or hide and seek, when I was young. I will have all the stars done by tomorrow. Our August star chart is looking good.

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