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Thought Provoking Tuesday

This photo and question comes via Marc and Angel Hack Life.

Each Tuesday we will post a Thought Provoking question because it is good to Think :).

Have a Thoughtful Tuesday,


10 thoughts on “Thought Provoking Tuesday

  1. I know this & ask myself this.. why do we do tis to ourselves! A work in progress as I always say. Great stuff!

    Awesome workout this morn… chest, core/abs/cardio. Lots of push-ups as part of the workout! 🙂

  2. Wow– does that make you think ! I would probably hate that person. Guess I should be nicer to myself.

    Going to try a walk this a.m. I know that I shouldn’t but I have on a very stiff bottom shoe so maybe it will work. I’ll let you know. ha M.

  3. It’s a miracle. Jimmy and I needed to be up early this morning to get our workout in…and…we did it! We opted on walking a 5k with some boot camp afterwards.

    About today’s post…I have really been working on catching those negative thoughts before they get too far. As Jody said, it’s a work in progress. It has been much better lately and for that I am happy. And, to answer the question, I would not have a friend who said negative things to me – that person would be out the door faster than you can count to 3 :). I will be thinking about this when a negative thought arises.

  4. What an amazing and powerful post, Karma!!
    Thank you!

    Got in an hour of resistance/weight training with my trainer this afternoon. Only 1-pound to go to my pre-vacation weight! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you and Zumba class soon!! I think you will love the new moves! They are more challenging (Stacy told us they would be) but also seem more playful to me.

    • I am glad you liked the post Mary. The picture was a little depressing, but I thought the message was a good one.

      Yay for only 1 pound to go! Keep up the good work. I bet you look fantastic. I will see you Sunday and I am definitely intrigued by the new moves you are talking about. It will be good to be challenged and see you and Stacy.

  5. Life is about being positive. If the cup is half full, then you don’t need anymore.

    Back to work is very, very hectic. I ran and placed in the half-marathon on Sunday – 1:42 and fifth female (first over 40). It was an interesting event.

    Surprisingly, last night’s recovery run went well – especially with the heat. I did take today off and am really worried about facing tomorrow’s roads.

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