It’ a Jimmy Thing about…Perspective

linear perspectiveOne day last week, I started my day thinking “today is going to be the day that InPerspire takes off”.  I could just feel it.  So I followed up some contacts, made some phone calls, updated Facebook, and put out some sweet tweets on Twitter.  Then I updated our inventory and sent an email to my business partners about what my plan for the business was for this week.  Then I said, “let the orders come in.”

Well, I think all of you know where this is going.  After a few hours of no orders, no email responses, and no returned phone calls, I wondered what I should do next.  I called Greg to ask him about a personal trainer who had contacted him last week.  He gave me some information, but he was with the Vice President of the company that he works for, so I did not want to keep him.  I knew Dana was at work and Karma was at Wash U so they weren’t available to talk about the business, so I wondered, “What should I do now?”

I decided to get back on Facebook to see what everyone was doing.  From the Facebook updates I learned that some of my colleagues from my old job were headed to Dallas for a meeting and others were getting promotions, which made me wonder whether I should get a new job, or perhaps whether I should have stayed at my old job.  Frustrated, I posted on Facebook that InPerspire was closing early and that I was riding my bike to the Farmer’s Market.  

On the way to the Farmer’s Market I was thinking that my bike wasn’t working very well because it seemed liked it was harder to peddle than it should have been and I hit every red light on the way.  

After I arrived at the market, and picked out my vegetables, I headed to the register to checkout.  When I pulled out my wallet the cashier said she really liked it (many people remark about my wallet because it made of Tyvec (the mailing envelope material) and it has a unique design.  It’s called a Mighty Wallet and Karma has one too. 

I told the cashier that it was the best wallet I have ever had and that I should probably carry it on my website, which led to me telling the cashier about our business .  I gave her my card and explained what InPerspire was and then she said, “It is just great that you are doing what you love and that it leaves you time to ride your bike to the market in the middle of the day.  You are lucky.” 

Her comments put everything in perspective and, not surprisingly, my ride home was great.  My bike seemed to be riding better and all of the lights were green.  I was thinking the whole way home that I could not think of anything I would rather be doing at this point in my life.  How quickly things change!  Just a shift of perspective.

May your perspective be in perspective today!

P.S.  Mighty Wallets are so awesome that the other night Robbie, our son, was out on the town and he dropped his wallet.  He didn’t realize he had dropped it until the next day when he received a call from a very nice citizen who had found the entire contents of his wallet.  Yes, they had taken his wallet and left everything else there!

If you go to the Mighty Wallet site my wallet is the Peace Mighty Wallet (Karma’s is the Newsprint Mighty Wallet and Robbie’s was the Tattoo Mighty Wallet).


5 thoughts on “It’ a Jimmy Thing about…Perspective

  1. The wallet site is not loading for me right now so will check it out later.. they sound cool!

    I loved the way this post progressed.. I was wondering & yes, perspective! Gets me thinking! I will think more after some sleep! 🙂

    Great workout this morn.. cardio, weights (YES!), core/abs!

  2. I am working on keeping things in perspective today. Today I will be busy getting things ready for the wedding, working on the house, working on Inperspire, and if I am lucky getting in some exercise.

  3. Jimmy you always make us think and feel better with all your comments. Seems like when you are in good spirits things kind of fall into place.

    Can’t walk right now, so I decided to get a few things done around the house that I have been putting off for awhile. Like cleaning out the freezer and fridge and some of my cupboards I know Jimmy laughs out how my freezer looks all the time !! I guess I will try to get some mental exercise for the next little while.

  4. Wonderful post, Jimmy! So true about perspective.

    Looking forward to another hour of Zumba tonight!

    Those mighty wallets are so cool, too! I totally want to order the Explorer Mighty wallet!

  5. Perspective is always where it’s at. Half full or half empty, remember?

    I’m glad Robbie got his wallet back; they are very cool indeed.

    Braving the heat tonight (well, have no choice really) to run 10 miles. Skipper is coming out with me on his bike to play water boy.

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