Getting Strong Now

Today is one of our non-post, just comment days, now that I am teaching again and taking some classes.  I hope the picture inspires you.  Let us know what you’ve done for yourself today.

Have a beautiful Thursday,


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  1. It stopped raining just in time for us to go for our walk/run today. I am proud to report that I seemed to have crossed some sort of threshold with my running and it is getting easier for me to run longer distances. I like that. Afterwards we did some boot camp stuff and I was able to complete 20 modified push ups (I wouldn’t say it is perfect form, but I am getting there in a row) and then I did 10 more to increase my daily push ups to 30.

    I think that realistically I am going to be working out 4 days a week until the end of fall. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If I can consistently workout those days, work hard on those days, and keep my calories at the level I need to continue to lose weight. I will be very happy :).

    If I don’t lose my mind by the end of the semester, I will be even happier.

  2. Ran 4 miles this morning. Legs felt pretty good today, able to hit progressively decreasing splits: 9:54, 9:03, 8:56, 7:47.

    Cool down/leg recovery with a nice yoga session: child’s pose, down dog, lunge, down dog, plank, chaturanga, cobra, down dog with alternating leg raise, side angle pose, triangle, ardha chandrasana, standing split, child’s pose. Then lots of hip opening lunge varations, finishing with pigeon pose. Felt great!

    Good luck this semester, Karma!

    • What a wonderful workout this morning. Jimmy asked me the other day, should we try yoga together (fyi: I have asked him to try yoga for many, many years) so I am thinking he may be encouraged by your posts :).

      Thanks for the “luck”. I am going to need it. I also want to tell you that today when it was easier for me to run that it ever has been I thought about what you wrote in your last post about the mental part of running and the role of “can”. Thanks!

      • To get runners interested in yoga, I tell them how the hip opening lunge sequences stretch my hips quads, and hamstrings so well after a run that the usual post-run tightness and soreness goes away right away! When they try it, they see it works! Then they’re hooked!

        The power of the “can” mindset is huge! Mental training is as important as physical! Every time you push through on a tough run, you train your mind that you can! Eventually, you’ll feel you can do anything and find a distaste for even hearing the word “can’t!”

  3. Had a good run and boot camp today. I was getting a bit stressed out about the wedding, but Darla had a come to Jesus talk with me today, and I am back on track.
    Off to TJ’s, have a good day.

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