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We are getting our house ready for the wedding guests to arrive, so I thought his cartoon was appropriate.

Have a Super Duper Saturday!


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  1. ha! That’s my lawn – definitely. And, that’s my approach to caring for it (I delegate it to my husband; if it doesn’t get done, I can’t complain).

    Enjoy the weekend. I’m sure you’re going to be running circles.
    I’m running too – just got in from 10 miles (in the wind) and am trying to figure out what to do tomorrow (race on Monday).

    • Cynthia – How do you do it — all the racing and everything else? Glad to hear our lawn is not the only one out there that is participating in the “circle of life”.

  2. That is pretty funny cartoon. I can just imagine you two trying to get everthing done.
    Went for a very small walk this morning. Hopefully it is just the beginning to getting back into it again.
    See Ya–M.

  3. I love this cartoon, too! I plugged in my gardening clippers after seeing it to charge them up for tomorrow!

    Rest day for me today, too.

    Hiking or biking tomorrow. Karma, don’t know if you saw my reply to your reply yesterday, but Stacy won’t be teaching Zumba class tomorrow because of the holiday weekend; she has a sub.

    TGI a three-day weekend to recover from the first two weeks of teaching! 🙂

    • You know what? I LOVE 3-day weekends. I want one every weekend :). Thanks for the heads up about Zumba. Not that the sub would be bad or anything like that, I am just waiting for Stacy.

      Hope your clippers got a good workout :).

  4. Biked this morning with my husband…some great trails in Wildwood! Perfect weather…FINALLY! :)Torched lots of calories while having fun!

    Hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday weekend.

  5. Mary – After you told me Stacy wouldn’t be there on Sunday I was a little “down”, but just a little because I wanted to Zumba, but then Jimmy and I took a run instead. It was very nice. Your are 100% right, the weather is absolutely and fantastically beautiful.

    You will have to tell me more about the trails you and your husband rode today. We are always looking for something new.

    I like the idea of torching calories while having fun!!

  6. A quick post this evening, since it is almost the 6th…Jimmy and I walked/ran our regular 5k, except that I ran more than I have run in many, many, many years. Perfect weather and getting over that mental thing :). Afterwards, 200 jump ropes.

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