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Birds will sing and the sun will shine…

Okay, our wedding doesn’t look anything like this one, and I am not sure why there are two brides in this picture, but I like old things so I couldn’t resist it. 

This is a bridal fashion print from the mid-1800’s and it’s my way of saying…we’re goin’ the chapel, but we’re not quite ready…yet.  We still have lots of things to do to get ready, so we are going to post sporadically (or not at all if it gets too crazy) this week.  We will be back on our game September 15, however, we will post our workouts, or lack thereof, daily in the comments and we’ll keep you up-to-date on the BIG event.  You know how I can tell it’s a BIG event, because I have been crying off and on all weekend while making the wedding programs and advice cards.  I am so happy to be gaining a daughter (we love her truly), but in some ways I guess I am wishing I could start all over again with that small boy, now a grown man, that I have loved so dearly.  Of course my tears are also happy ones to know that Robbie is on his way to his own wonderful life.  Yes, It’s a Wonderful Life.

 Have a Beautiful Week!


8 thoughts on “Birds will sing and the sun will shine…

  1. Hey…we got blogging award today (via Cynthia)! I am so excited about it. I will post the award – it comes with some questions – tomorrow – or early next week! Thanks, Cynthia.

    I also forgot to mention that Mary won a prize for coming up with a winning caption for Z-life (Zumba) magazine. Mary, can you tell us what the winning caption was? Let us know how the energy mists work :).

    We went out for a usual 5k. this morning. I am still working on running more of the route and I am proud of my efforts today :). We did some jacks afterwards, pushups and sit ups. Now off to a very busy day.

    • Congratulations on your blogging award, Karma! You certainly deserve it! 🙂 And congratulations on your running today and this past weekend! Sounds like you have broken through a plateau!

      I cried off and on when my sister got married, too. And when I got married. There are just so many emotions involved. I think it is normal for us sensitive people to cry off and on. 🙂 And to laugh off and on! I’m sure everything you and Jimmy are doing for the wedding is amazing and appreciated! You are very creative and thoughtful and insightful! I will be thinking of you and sending positive energy your way this week!

      The caption I wrote for Z-Life magazine was “Catching some Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Life.” The photo was of a little girl who fell asleep while her mom was reading her Z-Life magazine as a bedtime story!

      • Mary – That caption is soooooo cute! I love that! I hadn’t heard of Z-Life magazine until you mentioned it. Did you see the article about how Zumba dances are becoming a part of many weddings? I can just see it now :).

        I think you are right about sensitive people and I am the first one to admit that I cry at the drop of a hat. Stories and thoughts seem to affect me even more deeply as I grow older.

        The problem with crying at the wedding, which is destined to happen, is that I am not a pretty cryer (or is it crier), so I have to keep it a little under control (that will be the most difficult part, but I promise I will not go into the wailing stage!).

        Thanks for the congrats on the blogger award. I am going to “unveil” it next week when everything has settled down.

        Thanks for your positive energy. I can feel it working it’s magic :).

  2. This is the big wedding week, it will be a fun, and busy week, I would like to say stress free, but that would not be the truth. I did mange some exercise today, so that helped my stress level.

  3. OK–Now you have us all crying. It’s a empty feeling when your kids grow to that stage, but look what you gain after awhile (grandkids). You guys have worked so hard on all this and it will be worth it. Tricia is such a treasure and knows how to put things together and we all know that Robbie is the BEST. We love them both.

    I have to stay off my foot again as it is pretty sore today, besides the roofers are here to do some repair so I could not go walking anyway. Oh well—M.

  4. Almost forgot to post…had a great strength/resistance workout for an hour this afternoon! Zumba tomorrow night!

  5. Now I am crying!! I can’t believe this is actually happening. We can’t wait to be there to share such an awesome day with Robbie and Trisha and of course the rest of the Dale family!!

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