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“The Weight of the World is Love.” ~Alan Ginsberg

I was working late at the office last night, when I decided to take a little break  from my work and look at Elephant Journal, an eclectic kind of website about all kinds of things that I like to think about.  I saw a post called: I Love You Whether You Like it or Not?  by Melanie Jane Parker.  I am reposting the first part of it here and then I pose a question.


The Bhaktishop in Portland, Oregon sells bumper stickers that boldly proclaim, I love you. Before I moved back to New York, I bought one of these bumper stickers and stuck it in a prominent place on the back of my little Subaru. I say that this is a bold proclamation because it takes a lot for most of us modern folk to say these words on a regular basis. I grew up in a family that says the word love constantly, but I have also spent time with families who rarely express their affection and appreciation for one another verbally. There are a million different ways of conveying love, but there is something exceptionally powerful about saying it aloud and without timidness.

It did cross my mind that people might have a good laugh over it. When I told my father about my car’s new decorative flair, he cracked up and recommended I remove the sticker before entering New York State – in fact, before leaving Portland and re-entering the real world. I did not heed his advice.

The simple application of this bumper sticker felt courageous. I hoped that it would send a message: That’s right. I love you, whether you like it or not. In traffic, on the highway, in parking lots, in neighborhoods, in cities, and in towns – there would go my car like a growling green beacon of hope and friendship. My friend joked that of course I would put the sticker on the back of my car – the real challenge would be in loving the people in front of me while stuck in traffic. 

The remainder of Parker’s post (which you can read by clicking here) considers whether putting a bumper sticker like “I Love You” on a car is a good idea or a bad idea.  I know I have impetuously decided to buy bumper stickers or t-shirts with sayings that I thought were innocent enough only to find out that some people didn’t quite agree (can you imagine that after all this time living on this earth I am still shocked to find out that not everyone thinks the way I do).  Go figure 🙂

So  my question is, what would you think if you were sitting at a light and the car in front of you had a bumper sticker that said, “I Love You”?

Have a Thoughtful Thursday!


6 thoughts on ““The Weight of the World is Love.” ~Alan Ginsberg

  1. Love this post & that bumper sticker! If I saw that sticker, I would smile & it would most likely take my mind off whatever stress I was having especially if it was in traffic like here in ca!!!! Then I would wonder who is was meant for & what it was all about & that it was a nice sticker vs. a mean one. Good for you! THX!

    Yes, great workout before rest days & my legs are screaming!!!!

  2. Screaming legs are good!

    I think that’s how I would feel too. I think my first reaction would be to smile, because who could help but smile when someone says they love you. Then, I would probably think I wonder if they mean me, then I would think they probably mean everyone, and then I would think, I want to get that bumper sticker.

  3. I think that I would yell out I Love You Too. We have a few stickers on our car, and I have some on my lap top. I remember when I was driving from California to St. Louis by myself in our 68 VW Bus, and I stopped for gas in some crazy place, and some guy came up to me and said “I ain’t got much use for stickers like that.” So I turned and looked at him saw his truck with a gun in the gun rack, noticed that we were the only two people at the gas station, and decided that I had enough gas, and hit the road.

  4. Great post, Karma!

    Reminded me of “Operation Beautiful.”

    Rest day for me today. Zumba was fun last night; we all danced and sweated and clapped loudly since two managers were observing Stacy’s class last night! 🙂 Zumba is so fun and such a great stress relief.

    Hope all is still going out with your wedding week! 🙂

  5. Sorry for the typo…I meant that I hope all is still going WELL with your wedding week! I left my brain at school again!

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