Ode to a Cowboy

As many of you know Robbie’s getting married this weekend.  It’s hard to believe. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of Robbie.  He was quite a cowboy.  Besides being a great cowboy, one of the things that Robbie’s new bride may not know about him is that he is very good at hide-and-seek.  When he was young, Robbie would “hide” by sticking his head in a bush — but the entire rest of his body was sticking out — so as you can imagine it was really difficult to find him.  It used to make me laugh so hard when I would open my eyes from counting and see everything (including those yellow tennis shoes) but his head and he hid from me.  

Another favorite memory of mine is the time we were lost in Mexico.  I was very frustrated and Karma was telling me I should stop to get directions when Robbie, at 4 years old, began to tell me which direction I should be going.  I said, a litte sarcastically, “Well, thank you very much for those directions”, and he replied, “You’re welcome partner.”  I will never forget it.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, especially Robbie and Tricia!  


3 thoughts on “Ode to a Cowboy

  1. Love the picture and stories! Great post.

    Did an hour of weights/resistance training after work today.

    Happy Wedding Weekend! 🙂

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