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And…we’re back :)

Stress levels were through the roof as the wedding weekend reached its zenith Sunday, but we made it!  We had a lot of fun and we have stories and pics to post next week.  Getting ready for the wedding meant we had to put working out on hold until the vows were said and the last guest had gone home :), so I thought this Nike poster would serve both as a motivator and a reminder to us.  Overtime is our friend!

We cannot wait to catch up with everyone on your blogs this week.  Hope you are rockin’ your workouts along with the free world!


6 thoughts on “And…we’re back :)

  1. This is my last rest day, that would be 5 in a row, that is not good. Everyone has left town, and now I am back to work and cleaning up. I wish that I would have made more time during the past week to exercise, that would have helped my stress level.

  2. Congratulations, Karma and Jimmy!!

    Love the Nike picture…super-motivating!

    I’ve kept on keeping on! 🙂
    Sunday…two hour hike
    Monday…hour of Zumba
    Tuesday…hour of resistance/weight training
    Today…hour of Zumba

    Great to have you back, Karma!!! We missed you!

  3. The wedding and reception was beautiful. Darla and Jimmy should be very proud. A huge amout of work put into it all and way to much going. Hope everything is returning to a somewhat normal pace.

    Haven’t been able to exercise much because of foot, but I did alot of walking in airports this past weekend. It was all very worth it. Congrats to Robbie and Tricia… M.

  4. Agh!!!!! It was more than I could ever have imagined…..minus my special walk i failed to realize i would need to do……hahaha…….
    I’ve been lazy for soooo long……started new classes on monday….barely made it back in time from stl……I have a text book for everyclass……i weighed my backpack this morning because it makes my arms feel like they are gonna pop off … was only thirty ish pounds…….gives me the motivation not to be a chub because i can put that thirty pounds down…..can’t if i grow it on my stomach…….My classes start earlier so now it is dark when I get up…….and i feel i need something to help phoebe stick out when I walk her …..I would be so sad if she got hit by a car while i was holding a leash……..ah well the point of this long over due rambling is movement is in my future…..just gotta stay (more) focused…..I loved meeting you all this weekend too!!!!! okay talk to you soon!!!!!

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