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It’s Meatless Monday! Saving the Planet One Monday at a Time.

Here is a picture of some cows enjoying their Sunday. We took this from the Katy Trail as we completed our longest bike ride of the year – 24 miles!

In celebration of our weekly Meatless Monday, here is a video sent by the FarmSanctuary as part of the Reel Life series (what it’s like for the rescued animals on the farm).Β  In this video they answer the question: “What do you do with the eggs?”

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Reel Life, posted with vodpod

Have a beautiful Meatless Monday :),


12 thoughts on “It’s Meatless Monday! Saving the Planet One Monday at a Time.

  1. Greg and I have spent most the weekend catching up on stuff that is long past due. We did get some great weights and cardio in this weekend.

    We have also started our favorite thing of the year, decorating for Halloween! Yes, I know we are crazy! Happy and healthy Monday to everyone.!!!

  2. The Farm Sanctuary does a great job. I asked Darla the other day if she wanted to go and work on the farm, they posted some open jobs, but I do not think that she is ready for that just yet.
    I did something to my back this past weekend, so no exercise for me today, I am resting so I can be 100% tomorrow.

  3. Could be Jimmy that you guys rode your bikes 24 miles yesterday, that would do it. Can’t believe you did that far. I would never make it on anything but a car.

    Still not back to much walking yet, the Dr. said 3 more weeks rest for my foot. But I did do some walking last night getting to the theatre to see the stage show “The Lion King”. Fantastic and we were thrilled to be able to enjoy it. Have a great day everyone. M.

  4. Oh forgot to say I loved seeing the video of the chickens. It was very interesting what they do with all the eggs that they collect each day. That was pretty neat . Again M,.

  5. Way to go on your longest bike ride of the year! Great pic from the Katy trail! Congrats on your longest ride!

    Hope your back feels better, Jimmy.

    Saturday had a great L-O-N-G hike at Green Rock Trail.

    Happy, healthy Monday! πŸ™‚

  6. Sorry that I haven’t been around much recently. Work has been hectic, back to school has been crazy and life is just busy, busy. This is the first full week of fall routines.

    That looks like a beautiful area to ride. We’re already seeing a lot of fall colours up here; you’re still really green.

    I’ve had an absolutely incredible two weeks of training – too much to write. Now, my focus is on building miles and more miles; less than 60 days to go to the marathon.

    • We totally get the busy thing! Thanks for always checking in , I love to see how you and your kids are doing. My daughter just started back to school also…crazy is the only word to describe the situation.

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