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They’re Back!


Is it possible to love both Bob and Jillian?  Yes!  I am happy to report that the Biggest Loser is back.  If I could do a cartwheel (it’s one of those things I mastered for only a short time in my childhood) I would! 

It was a great season opener with the Biggest Loser visiting some of our largest cities, and I am not just talking about population size, to assemble this season’s cast.  Jimmy and I shed a few tears hearing the stories of this season’s contestants and also worried about those who were not chosen (thankfully, those who did not win the initial challenge this week will still have a chance to compete – they were among the heaviest contestants and those most in need).  Thank you Biggest Loser for not leaving them to do it on their own.

Pay It Forward is this season’s theme and I am looking forward to seeing what that means in Biggest Loser terms.  Bob told several contestants, “It’s all about hope”.

Here are our favorite quotes from last night’s show:

“Biggest Loser makes miracles happen.”
“When I was competing (to do 500 steps) I felt alive for the first time in years.”
“When you think that it is getting too hard, then take your power back.”  ~Bob Harper to Cancer Survivor and Biggest Loser Contestant
“When did 231 lbs on a scale sound do-able?”  Karma to Jimmy (that’s actually what I asked him when one contestant “only” weighed 231 lbs in comparison to the others who weighed well over 300 lbs).
“Self respect is the food of discipline.”  Tattoo on Brendan’s arm

It looks to be a very exciting and inspiring season.  I can’t wait/weight :).

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4 thoughts on “They’re Back!

  1. We enjoyed watching the Biggest Loser, those people need some help, some of them are so young and so unhealthy. The other day we saw a person coming out of a fast food place, he had a cab waiting for him because he was so big that he could not fit behind the wheel of a car, it makes you sad to see someone like that. Also, at what point does someone stop caring about them selves?

  2. Have Loser recorded but have not watched all of it yet.. snoozing last night due to no after gym sleep before I headed to UCLA.

    Even with the dental work, I plowed thru my workout this morn & had a good one…. cardio went smooth & weights, awesome! One thing good about a workout, you don’t feel the dental pain since for me, the focus is the workout. Now, back to taking care of yesterday’s procedure.. salt water gargling!

  3. I agree…this was a powerful episode.
    I’m so glad that BL is back though!

    Karma, glad you plan to attend Oct. 2nd! 🙂

    Rest day for me.

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