Thought Provoking Tuesday

This question comes via Marc and Angel Hack Life

I wonder if the first question that came to my mind was the same one that came to you?  I will post my answer after my workout this morning. 

Have a Thoughtful Tuesday!


17 thoughts on “Thought Provoking Tuesday

  1. We’re back and I’m back. Dana and Jimmy have been filling in and doing a great job commenting while I have been trying to catch up on work, classes and all things InPerspire. Until I get a handle on everything, they will continue to comment while I post and read your comments – now that’s a great partnership :).

    We walked our 5k today, did jumping jacks, sit ups, and push ups (Jimmy couldn’t do the push ups because he hurt his back, but he will be back in action soon).

    My first response to the question posted today was:

    I want to know if there is life after death, e.g., when people leave this earth can they see those they left behind? What happens when we die?

    The second question I would like an answer to is, Should I stay or should I go now? Meaning, should we move to California or stay in St. Louis. What are we meant to do?

    The third question I would like answered is, is it possible to have an earth where ALL people – and animals – are treated fairly, equally, and just – and will this ever happen?

    And, I have fourth question I would like answered (and really like 2 or 3 more after that, but I will leave it at four), I would like to know what the Kansyore hunter-gatherers (the prehistoric group I study) were really like.

  2. I went out and exercised today, if you can call it that, I hurt my back over the weekend, I think it was caused from the lack of exercise during the wedding month.

    I have a few questions:
    1. Why can’t we all just get along?
    2. Why can’t people just tell the truth? Now I am not thinking about anyone that I know, but mostly about public figures, but really we should all just not lie.
    3. What if all major cities had fast and safe mass transit, and bike routes, where you could get anywhere in the city without a car, in a reasonable amount of time.

  3. Here are my three questions…

    1. Why am I so disliked by my stepchildren. I am kind, generous and loving, so???

    2. Do loved ones who passed away see us in our daily lives? If so, what are their thoughts on the life I am living? What advice do they have for me?

    3. I think #2 used all of my questions and then some! 🙂

    • I have a step child also, he is much older now but after years of rejection, tears and pain the kindness is starting to shine through!! Hang in there.

    • Yes, I agree, #2 is the biggest question of all, and if #1 could be answered the world would be a much better place for all the step parents and children. Don’t give up…

  4. #1–I wish someone could explain why so many wars are fought because of religion??? Isn’t religion supposed to be a peaceful place to reside in?

    #2–I too would like to know if people who have died can hear and see what is happening on this earth. Maybe it would make me re-think talking about talking certain ones! ha

    #3–Why can’t everyone just let others believe what they want without interference.

    Reply to Inperspire: I would like to believe that the Kansyore hunters are just another version of us. They did what was necessary to survive and maybe enjoy life.

    You made me think all day on those questions. M.

  5. OK, I missed this as I was on my way to UCLA this morn for UGH dental work…. very tired & hurting so don’t think I can come up with my 3 questions right now BUT I did have a great workout before I left to travel the traffic & accidents on the 405 freeway! Can I help you answer one of those questions.. 🙂

  6. Agh, trying to get ahead on some school work……Does keyboarding for two hours count as finger workouts? 🙂 just kidding……I did a nugget workout with my exercise ball just now to not feel completely lazy…….for my tummy…..gotta be at school in the morning and then work til ten……yuck,,,,,,I should be moving closer to my school just after the first can’t wait…. It is such a neat house and the owners are great with Pheobe living there…..so I hope it all works and then my commute will be soooo much shorter…..so excited!

  7. Young death..unexplainable

    Religon and the hate it causes between other religions

    Love..what causes us to love and be willing to do and give anything for the ones we love.

    Peace out!


  8. Love this post ! I have so many questions that will never be answered..maybe this is what makes us grow in life!!

    Greg and I had a great chat after this post..thanks for the inspiration

  9. Wow, this is deep.

    #1 – If God created the universe, who created God. Really, I do believe in the Big Bang theory, but how did it really all begin? What started life as we know it?

    #2 – How could man once think the world was flat when there are hills everywhere?

    #3 – Why do I always seem to be running into the wind?

    Good recovery run tonight. Now, back to work.

    • Oh, Cynthia. how many times have I asked the question, why I am always riding in to the wind! I also think about question number 1 – I wish I could go back in time. As for question #2, when I look out at the ocean I can see how the world might look flat, but if one turns around it just doesn’t seem as plausible. Hope school is going well!

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