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Bob Harper’s a Piglet

Meet Bob Harper…

the piglet named after one of America’s Favorite trainers, Bob Harper, from the Biggest Loser, who is also the spokesperson for the 2010 Walk for Farm Animals.

Farm Sanctuary rescued this one month old piglet after it fell out of a transport truck headed for the slaughterhouse.  It is the third transport truck rescue made by Farm Sanctuary since summer. 

VegNews: The piglet was initially rescued by a man who was driving behind the transport truck that the pig fell from, and cared for the pig’s road rash wounds at his apartment, before the piglet found his permanent home at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.

You can read the full story by Farm Sanctuary at Twist of Fate Turns Little Piglet into Biggest Winner After Falling Off Transport Truck

Harper received more than 1000 “likes” after he posted a picture of the piglet on his Facebook fan page.  You go, Bob!

Join-Walk-125x125If you would like to join us in St. Louis to walk for Farm Animals here are the details:

St. Louis
Date: Oct. 2
Location: Chinese Shelter at Tower Grove Park
Registration Time: 9 a.m.
Walk Time: 10 a.m.
Local Walk Coordinator: Lisa Rimmert

Notes: Tower Grove Park is located at 4256 Magnolia Ave. The Chinese Pavilion is near the Grand entrance to the park on the south side of the Main Drive.

Special Attractions: After the Walk, stick around to enjoy music, a raffle, and free food!

The St. Louis Walk is sponsored locally by Carol House Furniture and Whole Foods Market St. Louis and generously supported by The Healthy Planet and St. Louis Java Journal.

Think you might work up a sweat at the Walk? Inperspire is donating $1 to the St. Louis Walk for each towel purchased using the code Farmy.

Click here to register.

Happy Meatless Monday!


8 thoughts on “Bob Harper’s a Piglet

  1. You guys live what you preach & I so admire you for that!!!! And Bob Harper has another cutie vying to take away his cuttee title! 🙂

    Great all weight workout this morn.. feeling it!

  2. I thought you might like the new Bob Harper, Jody :). Your workouts sound exceptionally good lately and isn’t it just the best when you finish a workout and you feel it – but also – you feel so good because of it!

  3. I feel pretty good today too. It is sunny here, but chilly, for me, at 60ish degrees. We walked/ran today. I was struggling a bit, so I walked when I needed to and then made sure to add distance and more running at the end. I am so glad I did :).

  4. Today is a great day, we had a good workout today, running, jumping jacks, crunches, push ups, and squats. If I can get all of my work done by 2:00, I will go out and do some yard work. The walk is only 5 days away.

  5. I love Bob the piglet! I am glad the Farm Sancutary is here to help animals like this. I am afraid if I picked that cute little pigelet up he would be another addition to my house, so I totally give two thumbs up for all they do.
    I am doing the major house cleaning workout today.

  6. I love little pigs!! Sometimes big ones too.
    What a good story. Thank heavens for the people who love animals. Give an extra step for me this weekend on the walk.

    Still can’t get much walking in at the park, but for those who know the Dad, know I get plenty of walking all through the day.

    I losing track of days, but I think I can say have a great Monday. Momb

    • Your foot would heal faster if you weren’t walking around all day at the speed of light with dad!He never slows down but you should takwe care of yourself.

  7. That pic is the cutest!
    Still resting…got one more prescription today…so on the mend. Looking forward to Biggest Loser tomorrow! 🙂

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