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Anyone find my rose colored glasses?

You Never Know (a post by Mr. Jimmy)

When Dana, Greg, and Alyx were in town a few weeks ago we were driving in downtown St. Louis and passed the Children’s hospital.  Greg said “That is never a good sign” and we all looked to see a lady sitting in front of the hospital crying.  The car became very quiet and I think all of us were thinking about that person and the circumstances that may have brought her to this point.

The weekend (it was Robbie and Tricia’s wedding weekend) went on without us mentioning the woman again, however, I kept thinking about her sitting in front of the hospital and about what she may have been dealing with at that moment while I was getting ready to attend our son’s wedding.

On Monday, the day after the wedding, we were driving past the hospital again and I was trying to merge into another lane, but the person next to me would not let me in.  She was acting as if she didn’t see me trying to get over.  I started to get mad, per my usual, but then it hit me, I should just cut this person some slack.  Who knows what kind of life troubles she may be experiencing, besides, maybe she really didn’t see me.  Maybe some would call the latter looking through rose colored glasses, and that may be true, but my day got brighter after that.

Have you looked through those rose colored lenses lately?


5 thoughts on “Anyone find my rose colored glasses?

  1. This is a great reminder to do that, especially on my drives to UCLA like today… but did start with a great workout this morn & even in this record heat & no air on my house which means not much sleep.. pushed thru!

  2. Great post Jimmy! I remember Oprah having a show on this subject. I think the world would be a much happier place if we stood back and realized people are all going though so many different problems and triumphs at all different times. Thanks for the reminder!!

  3. I forgot to comment about my workout today! Where is my head! We had a great run/walk followed by jumping jacks, seal jacks, sit ups, plank (just 1 for 30 second) and….drum roll please…I can now do 10 regular push ups (but I am not going very far down) followed by 15 modified push ups.

    I know it’s the end of the month, but I will have the stars for September updated tonite. I need to see my month in stars :).

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