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Tell Me This Isn’t True…

Well…at least they are going to the gym :).

Have a productive Wednesday and be sure to take the stairs if the opportunity arises – your legs and heart will thank you for it.


8 thoughts on “Tell Me This Isn’t True…

  1. I do take stairs when I can & I also park further back unless it is not safe to do so…

    I just came from my 24 Hour Fitness & does not look like that nice one! but got it done & survived it.. great weights. Cardio was a bit tough with the heat here & little sleep due to that but I powered thru…

  2. Ah, I relate to this bc it used to wear me out walking from the parking lot to the rec center at Mizzou.

  3. Love this picture it totally explains sooo many questions I have. Went walking today, Seattle is beautiful a bit humid but awesome. Greg is doing his end of quarter workout at IBM, this consists of 15-20 hours of sitting in a chair working last minute deals!!

    • I know how Greg feels – sometimes at night – after I have sat all day for 12 hours – I feel absolutely crazy! Dana – I knew you would think this picture is funny.

  4. Wow, Karma! Hillarious! I wonder if that is an actual photo or photoshopped!

    You post great images, Karma! The little piggie Bob Harper ties this one!

    • I thought the same thing, Mary…is this photoshopped? I just can’t believe it is true. I looked around to see if I could find the original source, but no luck. I am also glad you liked the Bob Harper piglet. He is so cute! We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday night :).

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