Thought Provoking

Thought-Provoking Tuesday

From: Marc and Angel Hack Life.

Well…that one ought to provoke some thought.  Have a beautiful Tuesday!


9 thoughts on “Thought-Provoking Tuesday

  1. Why do you give me these thoughts before I head back to bed.. I just know they will effect my dreams!!! 😉 Just kidding.. great question! I will sleep on it! 😉

    Dead tired when I got to the gym but woke up & pulled it off! Cardio & core & chest!!!

  2. Jody, I hope that question didn’t keep you awake :).

    When I work up this morning I began to think about how I would describe the last year…in one sentence. I guess I would say…The past year was fun because we opened our own business (fun mingled with a little anxiety – because…we opened our own business), and it was a year of re-evaluation as I turned 50 and we began to think again about what we might do with our lives, and a year of wonderful surprises as Robbie and Tricia got married, and a year filled with anticipation to see what comes next, and, finally, it was a year that I would best describe as “a return to happiness”.

    That was a long, run-on sentence, so it was kind of cheating :).

    Jimmy and I ran this morning. It is BEAUTIFUL here in St. Louis. After running we did our jacks, some jump rope, sit ups, push ups, and squats. Yay!

  3. A year of making goals and striving to meet them, which often means jumping hurdles, balancing balls and pulling out my hair!

    But it’s all good.

    Ran on Sunday and last night – only 5 miles each night. Last week was rough training-wise but I have registered for Hamilton and have 33 days to go!

  4. My year would be described as FAST.

    F= Fortunate, Flustered and Fatigued.
    A= Amazed, Absent minded (age related)
    S= Satisfied, and Super
    T= Tearful, Tense and Tranquil.

    A mix of emotions for me.

    Tomorrow another day!!! Someones “B” day. Momb

  5. Last year was a year of hair growing, taking vacations, trying to figure out where we want to live, and what to do when we get there, and getting back to our roots where we belong.

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