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My favorite quote from last night’s Biggest Loser?

“Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for it.”  ~ Bob Harper

“But Be Prepared to Work for it.”  ~Karma

Enjoy your Wednesday, Work hard and Ask for It!

And she still looks that cute!

Oh, and one more thing…It’s Dana’s birthday today!  Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to you! 

Are you going to wear that barrette out for your birthday dinner?  It’s so stylish :).

19 thoughts on “My favorite quote from last night’s Biggest Loser?

  1. I need to get Darla an updated photo, this one has haunted me for hmmm about 35 years.. Okay everyone, I am 42 today and I want you all to know I can kick and I can stretch…I am 42 and loving it. We have a huge problem in our family, we love, love , love our birthdays. I think we just like to have fun anytime we can. Thanks for the b-day shout out and I love it.

    I will be hitting the gym about 10:30 this morning then off to the DMV for my almost 16 year old to get her driver’s license. Happy day!!!!

    • Oh, that is a happy day! While you are at the gym, be sure to STREEETTTCH, SHHHIMMMMY, AND STREEEETTTCH, cuz’ that’s what 42 years old have to do to keep up with 50 years olds. By the way, I promise I will find a new picture to post as soon as I get to Mom and Dad’s and find a new one among their picture books – maybe one with your 80’s hair, or, in you softball outfit! Ahhhh, I love the birthday.

  2. Happy bday Dana!!!!!! Love the pic!

    Karma, love your additional quote & fits in with my post today too & yes, I work hard for it & did today too!!! Good cardio & awesome weights!

  3. OMG ! R you really 42 years old ? We too thought you were only 35. I know why you called us this morn., you didn’t want to listen to the ever lasting Birthday song before you lifted your head off the pillow. Have a great birthday and by the way that barrette was a hand-me-down from Karma.

    Love to you and will sing again for a smile! Momb

  4. Happy Birthday to Dana, I wish we all in Seattle today, because you know, I like to party. For your Birthday I would like to pass on some exercise motivation to you. Today Darla’s weight is 136.5, and my weight is 186.5, that’s how we roll.

    • We miss you guys and wish you were here to go to Rogue Brew company. On your Birthday they give you 2 free pints and a free t-shirt!! yepp That is how I will roll today!

  5. Happy Birthday to Dana! And always remember that age is just a number! I’m 59 and have never felt better in my life! May your next 42 incredible years!

  6. Thanks Vern! You are correct..Numbers are nothing..I am hoping I feel like you at 59. Here is a shout out to you for that..whooooot!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Dana! 42 years young! That picture is adorable and, yes, you should wear the barrette again. You did save it, didn’t you?

    Thanks for the shout-out to my blog! I appreciate it. School is crazy but I’ve been able to get out twice this week with two more runs to go – one 20 miles! Yikes!
    Hopefully, it will go smoother than last night’s run.

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