Waiting for Superman

Last night Jimmy and I attended a screening of “Waiting for Superman” the new documentary by Davis Guggheim.  You can see a trailer of the film by clicking on the link above.  It was a moving film (my friend Wilmetta and I cried throughout the film) about how we are letting America’s children down, especially those in economically poor neighborhoods.  I hope the film gets the conversation started -again – about how we must change our educational system, but do I think it really will?  I think if we don’t take a stand to change things now we are letting down millions of children who depend on adults for bright futures full of possibilities.  The key word is possibilities.  I could go and on and on, and I did in a paper I wrote for the Sociology of Education last week, but if you get a chance, watch the film and do your best to make a difference – America’s future is at stake.

We are off for a bike ride along the Katy.  It’s a beautiful (truly beautiful) fall day here in St. Louis.  Make time for yourself today to do whatever it is you love – running – weights – yoga – bike riding – walking the dog – painting – decorating for Halloween – drawing – reading – cooking – just enjoy!


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    • I love pumpkin spice cookies! I have a pumpkin muffin recipe that I will post in a week or two. You will probably love them, but they are definitely not “skinny” food :).

  1. I haven’t heard about this movie but am definitely going to look for it. Education and superheroes – definitely one for me!

    Got out to run long today and only ran 13 miles, not the 20 I had planned. This, and other things, led to “the decision”. I’m not running the marathon in Hamilton. I just don’t feel that I’m going to be ready the way I want to be ready. I wrote a loonnnggg post about it – if you have time to read it.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    • Yes, I agree, we definitely could use a superhero right now in, at least, America’s public school system. Jimmy and I were wondering if Canada experiences the same kind of educational woes?

      I am sure it was a very hard decision for you. I have been reading some of your struggles with trying to get your running and I am heading over to your post now to read the “decision maker” post. You know. I am a firm believer in going with my gut instincts, I think there is always a reason, and this seems like one of those times.

      You can train for another marathon and you will be even stronger by then!

  2. Wow, Karma! How did you know that Dan and I were planning on seeing that movie tonight after the Butterfly event?! I didn’t even know about the movie until Dan told me about Friday evening. You and I think on the same wavelength a lot! 🙂

    Happy biking on the Katy trail!

    • Hi Mary 🙂 It seems we travel in the same circles, which makes me think about how many times we have probably “seen” each other in the past, but not known it! I think you will love the movie. I think the Teacher’s Union isn’t too happy about the way it is represented, but I wish they could see it instead as a place to start to change. Anyway, I will be interested to hear your thoughts.

      Now, what about your pneumonia? Are you getting better? Cynthia was sick with it and Jimmy had it and I worry about you all. We will be at the Butterfly Unvealing today-yay! We will look for you (unless we get there earlier than 1). It should be a wonderful event and the day couldn’t be better!

  3. I didn’t get a chance to comment about our bide ride yesterday. It was one of those autumnal days where the sun casts its rays in just such a way that you know fall is here. It was wonderfully warm and the leaves and foliage were in their “getting ready for fall colors” clothing (they were just on the verge of turning all manner of reds, oranges and yellows). It was nice to hear the sound of the fallen leaves on the path as we rode. We decided to do the off the trail riding, which we love, and followed the Hamburg Trail up through forested paths and up a steep climb to where the old late 1800’s to mid 1900’s settlement used to be. We kept riding from there and ended up over at one of the conservancy lakes. It was a challenging ride with the hills and the off-road path, but not bad. Next time we are going to try to take the “Lost Trail”, which looks a bit steep at the beginning, but I think we’ll try it anyway.

    For today we are either walking/running or going for the 5 mile loop around Forest Park. We’ll see. It is just so nice here I can’t imagine doing anything indoors.

  4. Happy Sunday, we had a great bike ride yesterday, we rode up and down some good hills and good trails, the best part was once we got on the trail we only saw 3 other bike riders.. The movie was great, and so true, where we live we have an okay school district, but 10 miles down the road is the City of St. Louis school district that is a mess. My thaughts are, either no more school boards, or only have people on the board that no something about education. Also, get the unions under control, they have too much power, the more members they have the more money they have, so it is in the best interest of the union to keep bad teachers.

    • Hey Lisa :), We went to see it at the Landmark Theatre in Plaza Frontenac, which I believe is the only place it is showing. One of our friends, Mary, said she was going to see it Sunday night, so I hope it is playing longer than just the weekend. It was definitely worth seeing.

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