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Johnny Depp’s Fitness Program

You need to be able to run for your life.

A few years ago I was listening to an interview with Johnny Depp.  He was asked what made him want to get into better shape.  Depp had an interesting, but straight forward answer.  He said that someone had asked him, if there was an emergency, would he be able to pick up his kids and run for 10 minutes without stopping.  Depp said that at that point in his life he did not think he could run 10 feet, let alone 10 minutes.

So it makes you think, if something crazy happens, and the only way to safety is to grab your loved ones (or yourself) and start running, could you do it?  If the answer is no, well, you know what you need to do.

Now this does not apply to Cynthia and Jody because I think the two of you could run into the next state if you wanted to.

So today’s question is simple.  What motivates you to stay in shape or what motivated you to get in shape?

Have a Shpadoinkle day!


16 thoughts on “Johnny Depp’s Fitness Program

  1. You are too funny & I do love Johnny! What motivates me to stay in shape… well, being healthy, staying healthy as I age so that others do not have to take care of me & I can take care of myself for years to come. And truthfully, the challenge of beating the aging process… I can’t get back 20 years but I can try! 😉

    Great workout this morn! Cardio, chest, core!

    • Thanks Jody,
      I think that you can get back 20 years, or at least add 20+ years of being happy, healthy, and independent to your life. Jody you motivate all of us to keep going.

  2. Jimmy, for me it was a gradual process. Gradual weight gain over the years and higher cholesterol got me into daily walking many years ago and also watching my diet better. Observing people as they aged, I saw that the most active were so much healthier and had much better quality of life as they got older. Seeing the rising epidemic of obesity is pretty shocking, and I resolved not to let it happen to me. These influences inspired me to want to take fitness to another level, so I started running several years ago. As I got further into running, I saw that runners that also worked the rest of their bodies ran better and had fewer injuries. That sold me on a “total-body” approach to fitness, adding weights and core work to my routine. And about a year ago, I discovered the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga. This seemed to be the final piece of the puzzle, adding balance to all of the rest. So I guess my journey is one of serendipity. It seems like every step I took led me to discover something else!

    Great question!

    • Vern, I think that your journey to good health is much like my own, a few extra pounds a year, blood preasure going up a little, and before I knew it I was hitting the scale at 210 pounds. This year I am going to try Yoga. Thanks for your comment.

      • Sounds very similar to me, Jimmy, although blood pressure never got too high. Maybe 118/76 at it’s peak.
        11 years ago: 210 lbs, 242 cholesterol.
        6 years ago: 185 lbs, 212 cholesterol.
        This year: 162 lbs, 180 cholesterol. BP 108/60.

        I hope you like the yoga! It’s been great for me!

    • I love your love for Yoga. People who have not tried Yoga have no clue to the extreme challenges it offers. I have a really hard time with it but feel a totally different use of muscles when I do engage. You have inspired me to get back into Yoga. Thanks Vern.

      • Dana, It’s been an interesting journey on yoga. As a runner, yoga right after a run releases my tight quads and hips, and instead of going around tight and achy all day, I feel better right away. Beyond the simplest of poses, it is quite physically challenging. I’m totally a novice, and many of my attempts at intermediate practice are awkward. But the beauty of it is that you don’t have to be a master to reap the big benefits. The instructors suggest less difficult modifications for those of us who need them. It’s not about being great, it’s just about doing it!

        For the longest time, I knew intuitively that even a few minutes’ practice should make me feel better, but I tended to give yoga 45 minutes to an hour plus, if I had that much time, and skip it when I didn’t. Then I tried doing a short sequence, as little as 8 to 10 minutes after my morning run, and found it made a big difference in my whole day. I got to the point I was doing yoga most days, and decided to try to make it part of an every day lifestyle. I challenged myself to go the entire month of September without missing a day. Today, I’m at 46 days. The secret to a successful streak has been flexibility, and the availability of some good short routines for days short on time. Some days I practice an hour and a half. But on many other days, my streak has been saved by that 8-minute routine!

        I’m glad you decided to get back into it. I think you’ll be glad you did!

  3. What motivated me to get back in shape, first I will tell you how I got out of shape. Way back when we lived in California, I would ride my bike everywhere, I ran a marathon, I would swim after class, and go to the gym with Darla when she came home. One day when we were visiting Salt Lake City, we rode our mountain bikes up to the ski resorts after we went jogging. We were in good shape.
    We moved to St. Louis and started working. I started working at SWA and I would exercise when I had time, I never had time, so I justified my lack of exercise by telling myself I walk at work, and I walk from the parking lot into the airport. Well, in December 2009 I noticed that I had gone from weighing 172 pounds in 1995 to weighing 210 pounds in 2009, that was my wake up call, it was time to hit it and hit it hard, today I am at 185 pounds. All of you motivate me, thanks.

    • Jimmy you left out the part that we all started hanging out like a billion times a year and this promotes a huge problem for us because we all love beer and nachos. I think, now, we all try to make better choices when we are together. I know you all thought meant not drinking and eating nachos but I meant exercising three times harder than we did before, see there is always a solution to everything!!

  4. Greg and I hit the gym again today, I ran stairs with 25 lbs weights, did a full leg workout then finished with a 20 minute, 300 calorie cardio session..whewww I am tired.

  5. I’m tired just listening to all of you. I’ve been trying to get back into the walking, but can only go a short time. Maybe if I picture Johnny Depp at the other end of the park, I could make it a little further.

    It will be fun to get back to it. Momb

  6. Thanks for that! And, thanks for your kind words on my blog post. I’m feeling really good about my decision. I don’t feel like I’m cramming for an exam any more; I have the time I want to feel good about what I’m after.

    I couldn’t run into the next state but, oddly enough, I have picked up my boys and carried them around for fun. They were younger, they giggled and I ached but it was all good in the end.

    Had an awesome race yesterday and am really excited about where running is heading in the next 10 weeks.

  7. You sound so up and positive Cynthia. Good on ya’!

    Well, I have just really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments today. We are a wonderfully chatty group and everyone has such interesting stories. I especially like Lisa’s comment :).

    What motivated(s) me to get in shape is actually two things: (1) As always, I wanted to lose weight. When I first started graduate school I was in excellent shape, mostly because I always put fitness first, but as the demands of going to school, raising a family, and going to the field piled up my fitness began to take a backseat. Fast forward 14 years and I now weighed 154 lbs. Way too much for my 5’4″ frame. I blamed a lot of it on getting older, but I knew the truth. I also knew I needed Jimmy’s help, but until he had to go to the hospital with chest pains (and through this process found out how much he weighed) he wasn’t really willing to make the sacrifices with eating that I needed to make to help me lose weight (he likes to have fun, and so do I, and so it was hard to put the kaibosh on that). Once Jimmy was on board everything fell into place. (2) I see older people who can’t bend over, need help walking, and are basically limited by their inability to do things – and all because they did not take care of themselves. I do not want that life. So, besides losing weight, I work out to make sure that as I grow older I can continue to do things that I love!

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