Who’s Up For A Challenge?

What about a one hundred push up challenge?
  I am, I am! 

I was reading Shape magazine the other night and saw mention of a website called  The site provides a week by week plan to help you reach the 100 pushup mark.  This was something I just couldn’t resist! 

Jimmy and I checked out the site.  It looks like a great (and sane) program to help us achieve what appears to be unachievable (at least from my perspective).  It will be very challenging, but I am really looking forward to working hard and getting stronger.  I want to be able to do 100 pushups!

Wanna’ join us?  Go to onehundredpushups and see if it is for you.  If you decide to take the challenge, you can add your name to the list of others who have thrown their hat in the ring.  There is also a badge for your blog if you meet the challenge :).

*Note: there are also programs to reach 200 squats, 25 pull ups, 200 sit ups, etc., so if you aren’t into pushups maybe there is something else for you to work on.

We will begin our challenge on Saturday.  Are you in?


16 thoughts on “Who’s Up For A Challenge?

  1. I’m in for the pushups—my first will be from Victory Secrets. ha. Sorry could not resist that. I have to admire people who can do pushups. Only in my dreams will that happen.

    Headed out for our morning walk with Dano. Still not going very far, but that is ok for right now.

    TGIF for everyone. Momb

    • Guess what? You can take the challenge, but you will do your pushups against the wall – we will just be sure that your angle is not low so it doesn’t hurt your arms, shoulders, wrists, etc. What do you think?

      I hope you have a good walk. I am putting dad’s present in the mail today.

      Stay away from Victoria’s Secret (I liked that one) :).

  2. I’m in and dragging my kids with me. 🙂
    It’s a great way to get the school day started.

    We’re going to do it on M, W, F – pushups and squats.

    • Tracy – Your kids have to be the fittest in the United States and Cynthia’s are the fittest in Canada! I can’t believe you are going for squats and pushups – you go girl!

  3. I saw this in Shape, too, Karma!
    Last week, I printed out the 200 squat booklet!

    But if you guys are going to try the 100 pushups…I will, too, once I can take a deep breath without coughing. 🙂

    Still going to do the squats, too! I want stronger legs and actually like doing squats!

    • Mary – Don’t you think it is so weird that you and I do the same things – it’s like we are thinking in tandem. Yes, I was going to write in the post that Mary has to wait until she gets better! Maybe I will try the squats too, because I too like squats :).

  4. Because I wasn’t able to run/walk during the first part of my week, we are making up for it by working out Th, Fri, Sa, Su. We had a good walk/run today. In fact, we took a different route and we ran more than usual. My legs were tired, but I didn’t give up. Jimmy was especially brave with his cold :).

    I love the 100 pushups challenge!

  5. I have seen a lot about this challenge over the past year & more.. bloggers that have done it or are doing it…

    Well, you know I will say this.. I am already a big push-up fan & most likely could do 100 if I did them before I did anything else which I never do…. BUT I say go for it! When I do my man push-ups after 80 minutes of cardio, I can get close to 60… then I just keep doing more as I move the bar on the Smith Machine up higher & I always get to 100 that way! 😉

  6. I’m always up for a challenge and I was just talking about “upping” my push-ups the other night. With baby jogger weather ending, I have to make more time for them.

    So, yes, I’m in.

    By the way, I can’t remember if I thanked you for sending some students my way. If not, thanks!

    Ran Monday (Race), Tuesday (XC), Wednesday (Tempo), Friday (Kids’ race), today and racing tomorrow. Yikes!

  7. I did it early this year, and it was tough! However, the progression is designed to take you there gradually. At first, I thought it was only moderately challenging, but after a couple weeks, it started leaving me gasping face down on the floor at the end of my reps! That’s OK, though– each cycle, you have to do an increasing minimum number to be able to advance to the next cycle. If you can’t do the number, you just repeat a week or two, and the additional training gets you there on the next attempt. I had to do repeats several times!

    Good luck, and have fun with it!

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