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  1. C’mon, Jody, give it a try :). Although I do not want your head to blow up!

    Did our 5k walk/run, 50 seal jacks, and the 2nd day of our 100 pushup challenge. All in all it went pretty well.

    Can you imagine that Jimmy had his 100 word story written before I went to bed last night?! I haven’t seen it yet, but I have a feeling it’s going to be hard for me to compete. He seemed to do it with ease.

  2. So this is it, our 3 months post Spring. Both of us fancy fun, so off to Chicago for work and fun, back to St. Louis. Soon on a flight to SLC, that was good for all. Darla did a bit of hop scotch, and I drank a bit of scotch, that was fun. Back on SWA to St. Louis, but soon back on SWA to Washington. Dana and Buck 40 took us out, it was fun. Too soon it was a Bloody Mary situation, so off to St. Louis, but in 15 days back to Washington. We had a big party, full of Kool Aid and stuff, but soon again back to St. Louis. Now I am 47 and Darla and I are off on SWA to LAX, big party, woo woo. Good things, good food, good locals, good sand, good liquid past the sand, and good rooms, but not so good flights back on Sunday, okay wait until Monday. Non Stop SWA LAX to STL, all good back to work.

  3. This is to hard.Back at gym,push-ups,long string pull thing hurts,run,climb off to nap. Typical day at gym.
    Waiting for husband to walk in door tomorrow. long night involviing lost communication thing,I was up calling communication thing to find it. Cab lady found it and brought to front door boy at place husband is staying..all is good!! Hahahahaha I did it it was Easy oh I just used E for easy..haha

    • Dana, I just saw this! It makes me laugh! But, of course you also have an “e” in place. I cannot, however, say much considering I have yet to finish mine. I will have it done and posted on tomorrow’s post! Glad your bff is home again.

  4. On our way this morning for our walk to our usual trail, I saw a “Bud Truck” that was distributing suds to a local 7-11. Soon it would try to climb a big wood post that controls all the lights on our block. It was only 7 a.m. , so I doubt that drinking the suds was a factor. It was our first cold day with snow and rain. No lights or warmth for us, and also no suds spill.

    Bought our candy at costco today for scary night with all the ghosts and goblins. It’s good stuff, so hit our pad. AND YA–I DID IT TOO!!!

    • Booyah! Yes, you did do it! I love it, mom. In fact, I have to say that your 100 word “e-less” essay rivals Jimmy’s. I can’t wait to work on mine, but now you two have set the bar pretty high. I get to start on mine this evening. Yay!

      P.S. Plus, the addition of the Bud Truck and the 8-11 – priceless :). Good on ya’ :).

  5. This was a toughie! Wow!

    At my follow-up exam, the doctor said it sounded like my lungs were clear. 🙂 She advised me not to exercise for another week, and to take things S-L-O-W-L-Y when I do start back up. 🙂
    Thanks for all the positive thought!

  6. You’re on the mend now, Mary! Yay! It wil be worth the one more week without exercise to ensure that you are healthy and ready to go when you return to it.

  7. So today was a big test for me, it’s finally too cold (in Karma’s world) to exercise outside so we had to go to the gym. It was tempting for me to say I couldn’t go, but I didn’t. We went. We had fun. I ran on the treadmill (well, I call it running, at 2.0 include between 5.0 and 5.5 for 3.1 miles). That’s a miracle for me. Then we did Level 3 of the first week of the 100 push up challenge, so Week 1 is done! We did 5 minutes o the stairclimber and then our ab work.

    One thing that was really awesome was putting in 135 for my weight on the treadmill – it was a head trip doing that – in a good a way.

    My 24 Hour Fitness now has a Thursday, 9 am, Zumba class, taught by Jennifer that I am going to try next week and a boot camp class on Mondays at 5:30 that Jimmy and I are going to try (but I have to see if I can move some appointments around first!). I am so excited about these classes!

  8. Oh, what a fraction of a month I saw. Thursday was a day off work with a trip to doctor’s and a diagnosis for my skipping guy. Put this with work, another son, training (hard 14M run on Sunday) and, yup, I got sick. Last night, I saw a clinic doctor who said, “Swallow pills”; so I am. Today, I am fit to work, run, and play mom! But, it’s cold and why risk my throat? Tomorrow, I will run:)

    That was fun! Thanks!!

    • Oh, Cyrnthia, when I saw your essay, I said, two thing: 1) If Cynthia has time to do this, then I do – so you spurred me on; and 2) Poor Skipper and you getting sick. I hope everyone is feeling better. Jimmy and I will visit your blog today to catch up.

  9. An ugly cat sat casually at a bistro bar sipping black vodka. In ran a burly man in a pink hat. “Wow what an ugly cat said this man.” “I may look unsightly” said poor cat, “but you sir act unkindly, for all cannot don pink spanish hats.” “I do ask your pardon my good sir” said our man, “but my hat is not from Spain but from Italy, and if you look around this room you will see, that all patrons of this bar do in fact don pink Italian hats. Good day!”

  10. Okay, finally, I finished my 100 word “e” less essay:

    “Today is Saturday. I am happy that it is Saturday. No work. All play. That is my kind of day. Two Saturdays ago I got a tattoo. It was my first tattoo…but it was not my last tattoo. Did it hurt? I can confirm that it did hurt – a lot. Was it worth it? Qui. Jimmy wants a tattoo too, but Jimmy is not a fan of pain or sharp things or blood so I am thinking a tattoo is not going to show up on Jimmy’s body. What does my tattoo say? It says, “amour”. It is curly and swirly.”

    Okay, that was a lot fun :). My tattoo really doesn’t say amour, it says, Love.

    Thanks to everyone for playing this fun game.

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