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A nice way to end the week…

One of my students, pictured, ran her first marathon a few weeks ago in Chicago.  She wanted to go to the pre-race expo and asked if it was possible to miss class that day.  I am sure you know my answer.  I sent a 26.2 Dragon towel with her for luck and motivation and she was kind enough to make me a thank you card and included this beautiful picture of her, and her towel, after the race.  The whole thing just makes me smile :).  Besides finishing her first marathon she also got to meet the Kenyan ambassador and the elite Kenyan runners.  Awesome job, K!

Through my conversations with K, I also found out that two of my other students were running their first marathons (in different races).  These girls/women amaze me!  And if all that isn’t amazing enough, get this: one of the sisters of my students runs cross country with the point being that when they run their 5ks (off road) they are running 5 minute miles.

Looks like I have some catching up to do! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday. 

Fridays…you gotta’ love them.


11 thoughts on “A nice way to end the week…

  1. Running a Marathon, that is fantastic. I ran my first and only Marathon many years ago, it was the LA Marathon, and it rained the whole time. I think that it is time for another one. Dean Dale sure is nice letting someone miss class.

    Had a good week of exercise, today after I get all of my Inperspire work done, I am going to try and do a few hours of work outside. Big weekend full of bike riding and other fun things.

  2. Way to go K. That is really cool to run a marathon. Secretly, I think almost all would like to be able to do that. Only in our dreams for most.

    Dr. Dale says I can’t walk in the park anymore until my foot completely heals!!! That may be another four weeks or so. I will probably be crazy by then. (Don’t make a comment Spin or Dana). Oh well, I will just enjoy everyone doing their thing.


    • Yes, if you had listened to Dr. Dale (and as Jimmy will point out, I am not that kind of doctor) you would be healed by now. You absolutely MUST stay off your foot even if it has a boot on it. Do this for me :).

  3. I do wish I could run a marathon, but wishing is where it stops with me :). I am inspired by those who can run anything from a 5k to 26.2!

    I finally finished my “e” less essay. If you didn’t get a chance to write your essay you still have time :).

    Check out what everyone wrote: Essays.

    Jimmy and I are off to the gym. We are starting our second week of the 100 pushup challenge today. We will post later.

    • I went to Trader Bob’s on Jefferson. They were so nice and did a great job. I made them a thank you card which shows my tattoo superimposed on their sign. I will post it later this week so you can see it. It definitely did hurt though :).

  4. The weather warmed up so Jimmy and I went out for our walk/run. My legs were really tired today, but I pushed the best I could, then, 200 jump ropes, 50 jacks, 25 seal jacks, abs, and squats.

    Mary – I can’t wait till you get to work out again. I know how much you love it.

  5. I get so excited by anyone who takes up running -at any distance. Congrats to K. who ran in Chicago and best of luck to those who are about to run one. Great job, ladies!
    And, 5 minute miles? Wow!

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