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Halloween Treats or Tricks?

Fitness had a nice little piece about what our Halloween “treating” might cost us in calories.  I found the caloric amounts of some of my favorite “little/mini” treats to be unexpectedly large, but of course we must always keep in mind that “mini” anything can be dangerous, especially when one mini leads to another :).

2 Fun Sized Packs of M&Ms (regular or peanut) – 180 calories
Fun size peanut M&Ms

4 Mini Snickers – 320 Calories


A handful of Candy Corn – 140 calories

Candy Corn

3 minature Twix Bars – 150 calories
Miniature Twix

1 full size Butterfinger + 1 full size Baby Ruth

(this is totally something I would eat)

2 snack sized boxes of Milk Duds – 108 calories
Milk Duds

I hope you find these calorie totals helpful when passing by or dipping into the bowls filled with candy :).

Have a wonderful Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Halloween Treats or Tricks?

    • So right about the portion control and choices — that’s why seeing that’s why the minis can be sooooooo deceiving :). California must be having lovely fall weather.

  1. Hugs from the boys when you save their favorites for them. Priceless.

    Happy Halloween.

    Off now for 15 miles – in 3 degree weather. brrrr, the layers are on.

    • If the boys are giving hugs for saving their favorites – I would totally go for that! That is so cute.

      I do not know how you run in such cold weather, but I do know you are a stoic of the best sort. Hope you get warm over the 15 miles.

  2. Went for a long, long walk today. It felt so good. Picked up fall leaves along the way. We started Week 2 of the 100 pushup challenge. I must say, it was challenging.

    I started a pushup challenge tracker for us. Just let me know if you are doing the pushup challenge and I will add you. As you finish each week post and let us know. Good luck to all!

  3. Great long Sunday walk today, we were both tired, we have been working hard and exercising hard, so the walk was perfect. When we got home it was time for push ups 68 total push ups today.

  4. Oh those calories that I have eaten in the last few days! Then we made peanut butter cookies and pumpkin applesauce bread. I guess I will have to do some kind of exercise tomorrow to help keep the weight down… Happy Halloween to all. Momb

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