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It’s Meatless Monday And Time To Stretch Our Minds…

Why not start a new holiday tradition this year by saving a turkey instead of eating one?

Now before you chalk up the idea of not eating a turkey at Thanksgiving as sheer lunancy, check out this Farm Sanctuary video (fyi: it’s about the unique nature of turkeys as well as some of the farm factory practices; we think you will find it helpful and informative).

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Don’t forget that the Meatless Monday site has some great recipes for your Meatless Monday meal :).


4 thoughts on “It’s Meatless Monday And Time To Stretch Our Minds…

  1. We love Farm Sanctuary, and we love Turkey’s, but we do not want to eat either one. Good morning at Inperspire, soon I am off to the P.O. and TJ’s.

    I hope all of you have a great meatless day.

  2. I am pritty, pritty,pritty sure Greg will not go this route. Thanks for the video and gotta love your message. Gym for us today weights chest and some cardio.

  3. Today was a planned day off for me. Tuesdays are supposed to be one of my workout days, but as it looks this very minute, I don’t see that happening. I will report in tomorrow.

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