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Thought Provoking Tuesday

Thought Questions 21

I can’t wait to hear your answers! 

Happy Tuesday!


15 thoughts on “Thought Provoking Tuesday

    • I love that sound of that, Mary, both you going meatless yesterday and you teaching art! The world is luckier for having you. Hope you have a good day!

  1. I would teach the importance of fitness & health of course BUT also to follow your dreams from day one. I did not do that & it is one thing I regret….

    BUT had a very good workout this morn.. cardio went OK & weight as always.. YES!

    Loved that question!

  2. I thought you might like this one :). I had a feeling you would say teaching the importance of health and fitness because you have found your calling in that, but following your dreams from Day 1 – that’s really, really good.

    btw: you know I think it is funny what you write about your cardio vs. weight workouts. We know where your heart is :).

  3. I think it would be awesome to teach yoga! However, that would require getting way past the novice level I’m at ! 🙂

    Went meatless yesterday. And every day for quite a while, now. Went vegetarian last December.

    Had an awesome month of running in October. Finished the month with a 17 miler Sunday to make a 190.6 mile month, my highest ever. Balance is so important in fitness, so doing weights 3x per week, and yoga every day! I challenged myself to daily yoga for 30 days at the beginning of September to make my practice more consistent. Daily streak is still going, currently at 67 days!

    Have a joyous and inspiring week!

  4. PATIENCE. Almost everything in life requires it. Weight loss, building muscles, toning up. Dealing with your children, a big one.

    Don’t know how you teach it, as I still don’t have much myself, but I sure would love to be able to learn and help others with this challange.

    A beautiful fall day here today. Hope everyone has the same. Happy Birthday to T-unit

    • Patience…awesome response. Especially with your examples.

      I have to teach that to my clients DAILY! Frustration with “only one pound of weight loss this week” gets my feathers a bit ruffled;-) They get my ‘mini-lecture’ that their 1 pound IS a GREAT job.

      So I guess I do teach that already… I need to continue to work on it myself! LOL!

  5. I would like to teach people to be open, and try new things, once you try it you can say not for me if you like.

    I have a few examples:

    Today we were voting and someone was giving the judges a hard time because they were not sure that the electronic voting machine would record what they voted, this wasted about 10 minutes.

    Where I work part time now, I suggested that we go Meatless in our food demo area on monday’s, I even said that I would come up with what we would serve, and it all came from our store, well they had a millon reasons of why we could not do that one day a week, really, we have been serving chicken with pasta for nine days now.

    This is the best one. Where I once worked Southwest Airlines. I would give presentations to the Vice Presedents and sometimes the President of the company. Well we made a slide show that had a slide show with some colors to it and it had energy, and one of my Managers said that the Vice Presidents have a hard time understanding slides with color. Really, Vice President of one of the fortune 500 companys and you can not understand a slide with color. When I left I gave my slides to someone else and they are now using and understanding them.

    So all I am saying is try something new, you may like it.

  6. I would teach school so I could start with the young and teach them the importance of loving everyone, including themselves, acceptance of everyone, including themselves and learning one person can make a huge difference in the world.

  7. Okay, to everyone who answered this question, you have made my day. Really. Each and every answer and response was so enlightening. I venture to say, if all of us worked together we could make some big changes in this world.

    I know my post is late, but I would teach dance to children. I am past the age of being able to do that – in a serious way – but I still plan to incorporate movement into any class I teach, if/when, I get my elementary school certification. I have seen the power of dance/movement for children and the way their eyes light up when they hear the music and begin to move and I believe it has the power to help children learn many things, e.g., perserverance, discipline, confidence, grace…

    Oh, and I just thought of another thing. I would love to be able to teach adults, who do not know how to read, to be able to do so. I can’t honestly think of anything better than opening up a world to someone.

  8. I’m behind – too busy teaching.

    All kidding aside, I love teaching commitment as the success of individuals and society is based on that. It takes committment in a relationship, to stick with something at school, to start on a new venture, to chase a dream, to try something new and learn to do it well…. The list is infinite.

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