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If you haven’t done it already…

it’s time to throw out the leftover Halloween candy.
Just throw it away. 
Just do it :).

Have a beautiful Thursday!


10 thoughts on “If you haven’t done it already…

  1. lol that picture is hilarious The boy decided that he needed to buy candy because it was onsale….seriously?! We have more candy in this place than we did on Halloween… its rather annoying. Good thing I hate Reeses, Snickers and Peanut M&M’s lol.


  2. Erica – I totally can’t believe you hate Reeses, Snickers, and Peanut M&Ms. I actually think that is lucky! Now, you are going to have to train your boy to know that sometimes “on sale” is not a good thing :).

    I told Jimmy this morning, we need all the candy out of the house as of today (he has been allotting us two mini 1000 Dollar Grand bars each night). I just don’t need it – which prompted today’s post. Glad you liked it.

    Today I went to Zumba. It wasn’t the same as Stacey’s class, or Sara’s, but it was nice just the same and my abs and arms are tired.

    Afterwards we did the 2nd day of Week 2 of the 100 Push up Challenge. It’s getting hard.

  3. But—-But it hasn’t even been opened yet !!! I know we should but first I have to get rid of the pumpkin bread and the peanut butter cookies. Ok, I’ll think about it all. Have a great day to all.

  4. So we never stay home on Halloween, so we never have candy in the house, but this year we had too much work to do so we could not go out, I had Inperspire work and Darla Wash U work. So I had to buy some candy, and we have some left, but it is gone today.

    Today was a good exercise day, 60 minutest on the treadmill, and 84 push ups, and I still get to work out at TJ’s for 7 hrs.

    • Trisha you kill me. I am also a chocoholic and it has been about 3 minutes since my last piece..hahaha and I am not kidding.

  5. Walked with Greg on Thursday along with push-ups and squats while I was at work( I couldn’t do them like I do at the gym I would be tooo sweaty! Friday is a gym day back chest cardio

  6. My boys have birthdays at the end of the month so we take out the good candy and save it for loot bags. The junk disappears into the garbage immediately. That leaves them (us) with just our favorites – and not all that much.

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