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Try Something Different This Weekend

I love the weekends.

Plain and Simple.  Fridays hold a special sort of anticipation for me.  Time to relax, to let my hair down, to do what I love (whatever that is), to take a breath, to exhale, to play until I can play no more.  But this weekend I thought I would try something different.  On Saturday and Sunday morning I will wake a little earlier than usual and I will devote 10 minutes to…being still.  That’s right.  I will give my mind time to be still.  I don’t often do that and I think my mind deserves a little quiet time.  What about yours?

We can make our minds so still like water 
That beings gather about us
That they may see their own images 
And so live for a moment, with a clearer–perhaps even with a fiercer life 
Because of our quiet

~ William Butler Yeats

Have a lovely, lovely weekend :),


14 thoughts on “Try Something Different This Weekend

  1. If anyone deserves to free their mind it is you Karma. U are always trying to help someone else and of course in the process you better yourself, but at what cost? Take care this weekend if you can.

    By the way that pic. is so funny. I espically love the kitty. Sometimes we wish we could freeze Dano like that. Only in our minds huh !!

    We are off to take the big dog for his morning walk. Of course I will sitting in the car watching Dad do the walking. One more week of this.

  2. Hey cdale – I am so glad you liked the picture – it makes me happy when I see it :). If only we could get Dano to be still! If you really take care of your foot this week, you may get the boot off and be healed!

  3. Yesterday I did ZUMBA! It was a lot of fun, but my body felt so tired. Afterwards I was bit weak so we just did abs and are leaving the second of three parts of our 100 push up challenge until tomorrow.

    Today is my scheduled day off, but the weather is so beautiful I wish I could at least go for a walk, but instead I am going to go give a review for an exam – that’s a different kind of workout :).

  4. I so love this pic but that quote.. great!!!!!!!!!

    I will be celebrating.. sort of… turning 53 this weekend. Bday is next week but will be having cookie patrol this weekend to celebrate.. OH, that’s right, I have cookie patrol every weekend! 🙂

    Love your idea of 10 minutes!

    • Jody – Happy B day this weekend! Fifty three and you are a lean, mean (but in a good way), machine! I wish I was on cookie patrol with you this weekend :).

  5. I love that picture. How am I suppose to sit still while that picture is making me laugh sooo hard! I will try this over the weekend. Great day at the office, doing push ups and squats while I work 🙂 … I am so sick of sitting!!!

  6. Today is a great weather day in St. Louis, we have our windows open and it is the middle of November. No exercise today but I did have good exercise all week. Today I will spend a few hours cleaning up the yard before we do get snow.

    • Thanks, Mary. I am going to check on my pass at 24 Hour Fitness and see if it is an all club pass and if it is, then I will find out what good Zumba classes you are going to :). I wish we had those Sunday classes back so I could see you sometimes. Have a great weekend!

  7. This made me laugh as my boys would never let me stay still for 10 minutes. This morning, though, LI climbed into my bed at 7:00 and quickly fell back to sleep. Instead of moving him, I climbed into his bed and lay there, wondering how long it would take for someone to realize that I was having a “quiet time” – almost 10 minutes!

    It’s been a busy week of music for Skipper, parent-teacher interviews and running. I only got out twice, which was just fine given the way Sunday’s half beat me up. Today, errands; tomorrow, the road:)

    Have a great weekend.

    • Ah, Cynthia, I remember those days (although we only had one boy) when 10 minutes of quiet time meant the world! I hope you all have a lovely and somewhat restful weekend – I think you may be the busiest family around :).

  8. It was pretty chilly for me today, but we went for a run/walk anyway. It was nice to be out there – but pretty cold (for me). Afterwards we did some seal jacks, abs, squats, and Day 2 of Week 3 of the 100 push up challenge. I felt good today.

    By the way, my 10 minutes of “being still” was fabulous.

  9. That would be awesome to have you in Zumba class, Karma.

    And in December, I am going to try a new hip-hop dance class there called “Hustle.” I love dancing. For me, it is the most fun form of exercise!

  10. I’ve already got “Caliente for the Cure” (formerly “Zumba for the Cure”) on my calendar for June 2011, too! By the way, they are looking for sponsors again! 🙂

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