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Gratitude on Meatless Monday

Let’s start the season off with gratitude and compassion.

Jimmy and I are adopting our turkey through Farm Sanctuary’s adopt-a-turkey project this week.  We can’t wait to tell you all about it.  Who do you think we are going to adopt

I hope you will seriously consider sponsoring a turkey instead of eating one this Thanksgiving.  What can it hurt to at least give it a try?  You may find it liberating.  It will definitely be life changing.

In preparation for Thanks-Living I am making a Gratitude Tree (one for my office, as part of my friend Wilmetta’s Harvest Festival, and one for us).  I have included the patterns, from HP.  I gathered some twigs and branches last week (I may get some more from the craft store if needed) and I will assemble the tree later this week!  Basically the tree is made from sticks and branches put together in a vase of some kind (I am going to hold mine together with some colorful tulle or organza).  A hole is punched in each of the leaves and ribbon for tying each leaf to the tree is added.  Family and friends can write what they are grateful for on each of the leaves.  A tree of gratitude – it’s a beautiful thing.

Tree of Gratitude
Tree of Gratitude Leaves

Send us a picture of your Gratitude Tree and your adopted turkey :).

Happy Meatless Monday!


10 thoughts on “Gratitude on Meatless Monday

  1. I actually have a gratitude turkey that my mum has always had us make since we were little. His “feathers” are where the gratitude’s go. In college my roomie and I both disliked turkey. So for one thanksgiving we adopted a turkey and people thought it was a joke… so A LOT of other people did the same thing… it was kind of amusing.


    • Erica – your turkey adoption story makes me laugh :). I love your gratitude turkey. One of my favorite memories as a kid was making the turkeys out of our handprints and feathers out of colored paper – ahhh – those were the days.

  2. I wish we could adopt all of the Turkeys, but we can only adopt one, I hope that it get along with our cat’s and our adopted Chicken and Goat.

    I think that today will be a good day for a walk, and that is good because my car is having some trouble and I had to drop it off in the shop, so I get to walk to TJ’s, but it will all work out.

    Time for a walk, have a great day.

  3. I so love that gratitude tree idea… sending to my middle stepdaughter that does that craft stuff with her 4 crazy kids… I am so not able to do anything like that… I love the idea!!!! You guys are awesome!

    OK, great all weights workout today for my 53rd bday!

    • Oh, Jody, I was trying to figure out which day it was because you alluded to it being this weekend, but Jimmy said he thought it was this week! Happy 53rd. I am heading to your blog now to give you an offical b-day hug.

  4. I love the tree idea and the adopt a turkey idea, I will not say what Greg said about not having turkey ! Have a great Monday everyone.

  5. Jimmy got some extra exercise in today because of his unexpected walk from the mechanics to work and back. We now have a new battery! I am grateful, Jimmy.

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