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Thought-Provoking Tuesday



7 thoughts on “Thought-Provoking Tuesday

  1. These thinking posts! 😉 I have to start coming here later Tuesday after I have had some sleep!

    Who impresses me… people that give of themselves to help others even when they have little themselves!

    Survived the cardio.. good weights! 🙂

  2. Who impresses me? All of the people that are involved with Farm Sanctuary, and anyone that is trying to bring an end to the cruel treatment of Animals.

    Also, people that take a chance on somthing that they love, and open up a business.

  3. First of all the pic was strange, because I looked at it and saw a slightly balding male in the superman I looked at it again and it was much better..haha. I loved Jody’s answer and I would add my entire family to the list, they are some of the most giving, nicest, hard working people you would ever want to meet. Great examples of what people should be..thanks to all of them

  4. Love the Tuesday posts, Karma.

    I finally worked out at the gym today! Hoorah!
    Had another chest x-ray yesterday since it had been 6 weeks since my pneumonia diagnosis…got the results today. My pneumonia is definitely improving but not entirely gone. But got the green light from my doctor to go to the gym without restrictions! WOO-HOO!!! Tomorrow…Zumba!

  5. This is one question that I ask myself once in awhile. Usually I don’t have an answer, but right now I think I would say all the people that are struggling with job loses and just everyday struggles and seem to keep trying to get back on top. They do impress me !

    Also, I agree with Dana. Our family is impressive. They all work hard for what they believe in.
    Good Night to everyone. M.

  6. who impresses me? the people who stare fear in the face and do it anyway.
    that fear could be anything-the unknown/the known…but it is the resolve to overcome that fear and be stronger at that moment.
    be strong 🙂

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