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It’s Tuesday. Time to Provoke Your Thoughts.

 Have fun with this one.  My head already hurts thinking about it.


14 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday. Time to Provoke Your Thoughts.

  1. Wow! Tough one…though I’ve often said that our dogs have it made!

    I’ll have to think about that one.
    Zumba was fun last night…feeling stronger than last week already.

  2. WOW, great question! Hurting me too…. off the top, I might say Oprah only cause I just watched her fav things shows. 😉 But with some sleep, I may come up with something else… 🙂

    Good workout today!

  3. Snoop Dogg. Just kidding. I would like to be the queen of England for a day so I could see the inside of the castle.

  4. I have a few people that I would like to be.

    1. Greg Randall, so that I could be the srongest person in the world.

    2. A trainer of wild animals, I would like to teach the animals how to do two things: How to use guns, so that they can defend themselves against hunters. How to stay all together, so that when they see a hunter they can attack.

    3. Woody Harrelson, that would just be cool on many levels.

  5. On the way to work this morning I was talking with Jimmy about how I would answer this question. It was taking me a long time to think of someone I would want to be for a day.

    My first inclination was to say I wanted to be a homeless person for a day to experience what it is like being without a home so that I could better understand and be able to help. I realized that was kind of an odd answer, so my next thought was that I would want to be Oprah for a day, but Jimmy said, “That’s who Jody chose”. Since Jody had already chosen Oprah, and because I am kind of mad at Oprah anyway about an article she published in her magazine, which I will post about later, I decided to keep thinking…

    So then I thought – I would want to be Frida Kahlo for the day to be able to draw like her and feel what she felt, but then I realized she sometimes felt a lot of pain so I decided that instead of Kahlo I wanted to be Marilyn Monroe – just for a day. Or – maybe – it would be better to be Abraham Lincoln – nevermind – I think I defnitely would want to be Marilyn – or maybe Frida…

  6. Very flattering Jimmy… However, I’m only the strongest person in Dana’s world… where the sky is perpetually purple…

    This is a very thought provoking question Darla. I would have to say that I’m very happy being me. However, I would just like to be have more free time to focus on being more giving and an overall better guy…

  7. Nick Vujicic. If I could be half as inspiring, inspired, and content as this man, my everyday would be complete. “Being patient is a beautiful art.”

  8. This question really made me think.
    After some deep thought, my person would be a chief of staff for some big politician – like the character Leo from the West Wing. I know it isn’t real life but I am always inspired when I watch that show.

  9. I would like to Mother Nature and make everyones weather sunny and warm. As you might guess we are getting hit with blizzards and cold cold temps.

    My computer is up and running right now, but may not be in another hour or so. Trouble–trouble. Guess we will be out shopping on Black Friday for a new one. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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