Thought Provoking

It’s Tuesday. Time to Provoke Your Thoughts.

Give your mind room to think about this one.


7 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday. Time to Provoke Your Thoughts.

  1. Ah, the thinking when I need sleep day! 😉 Yesterday taught me that each day is a new day to learn something new! We are never to old to learn!

    OK, great workout & even the cardio too! I felt good thru that & of course the weights! 🙂

  2. That things work out, and that I can get a bunch of product ready to ship, and get it it shipped out on time or early, and that when I go to bed at 12:00am, and have Cat’s that wake me up about 20 times, I am not going to the gym in the morning.

  3. I learned that life is short.
    Was told that a student I had spring semester passed away.
    Reminded me to embrace life.

  4. Life has reminded me (this week) that we cannot get caught up in life’s little stresses – they’re not worth it – that sometimes we let time slip by thinking that we have all the time in the world – but we don’t.

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