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And, yes, that is a lizard.  The key is, what is the lizard doing?  If you can’t guess…he’s doing a push-up!  Scientists think that ” in order to gain attention in noisy environments, lizards actually do “Push-ups.”  When I read that, I thought, see, even lizards know that push-ups are good for you.

You all know I am into my push-ups right now.  I am trying to get good at doing them and then, hopefully, reap all the benefits that the push-up offers.  I ran across this video about “The Push-Up” on the NY Times blog and thought you would enjoy it.  Just click on Jack Lalanne’s (the father of push-ups) picture to access the video.  It’s short and sweet. 

If you haven’t joined us in the 100 Push-up Challenge, it’s not too late. 

Have a fabulous Friday!


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  1. Not long ago I would avoid doing push ups, because they were hard, and I had a hard time just doing a few. After we started the 100 push ups challenge they are still hard, but I can do them, I can do between 40-50 at one time, and about 130 with a few stops.

    Do some push ups and have a great day.

  2. Love this post! With the cute little lizard doing push-ups!

    Did you see that this is Jillian last season on BL? 😦


  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That lizard fact is cool! You know I love me some push-ups in all forms!

    I tend to do them AFTER I do other stuff but sometimes I do them before my chest routine BUT AFTER 80 minutes of cardio… I can usually do about 40++ with NO cheating & then I move the bar up at the Smith machine station & rep out before I keep rising the bar till about mid chest level & then I push of, clap & come down for a few last reps. 🙂

    Makes me think I should do a push-up video.. 😉

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