Thought Provoking

It’s Tuesday. Time to Provoke your Thoughts.

This should give you something to think about :).

Have a tranquil and transforming Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday. Time to Provoke your Thoughts.

  1. I love that cute pic! Interesting thought there… I guess for me with no kids in the house & no pets, my hubby, for moral support & my friends & family to be there for them if necessary. Mostly, I need to take care of myself too to be good for them.

    Cardio & weights done today already! 🙂

  2. Grey and Orange, our two cats, the Inperspire shipping department, and all of the great people that order from Inperspire Fitness Towels, the USPS because I give them about $50.00 per day, and I am sure that I am missing a few.

  3. This is a heart warming picture. I love it.

    Our “Big” buddy depends on us to take care of him. More Dad now because of my foot. (sigh) Still taking care of Grandma (90). Really my taking care of days are almost in the past. I guess we can all say that taking care of ourselves is next.

    Have a good day, and I still love this pic. and the snow falling is tranquil. M.

  4. I am glad you all liked the picture – it is too cute! Who depends on me? Now that Robbie is grown he doesn’t really depend on me anymore (which actually makes me shed a few tears), but I am sure he knows that no matter what I will always be there, if and when he needs me (just like my mom has been for all of us).

    I think Jimmy depends on me to offer him the kind of support that he offers me. When he is down, I tell him, “it will be okay, I know it will”. It is the very same thing he tells me when the situation is reversed. We depend on each other.

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