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Pick-up-Sticks, Charlie’s Angels, & Biggest Loser Season Finale

The Biggest LoserI do love the Biggest Loser

but I have to admit this season was not my favorite.  Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE Bob and Jillian, and I am still a sucker for the Biggest Loser transformation moment, but this seaon the contestants just didn’t do it for me.  

No one compelled me to really root for them (except for Aaron who was eliminated because he was considered too big of a threat).  I am not really sure why this season felt a little lackluster.  As I watch the finale I think it may be because many of the contestants seemed to just be phoning it in.  It feels like they were after the money and losing weight was just a part of that – it was like their hearts were only halfway in it.

Even though I am a Biggest Loser fan, I don’t like the game playing that comes with the show.  I was disappointed that Brendan, Frado, and Patrick elected to keep contestants in the game who didn’t really deserve to be there, while they got rid of other contestants who really did need to be there, e.g., Aaron, and who deserved to be there, e.g., Mark.  But, it is a game after all, just one that has particularly significant consequences for those who get to stay or those who are sent home.

As I watch the finale, my impressions about some of the contestants appear to be well-founded.  I am shocked at the amount of weight some of them have NOT lost!  Wow!  What were they thinking?!

Of course, there are some shining lights, Mark (who lost 213 lbs – WOW! – now that is what I am talking about), Aaron (oh my – he looks great – he did it for his boy), Rick (who at 50 lost 47% of his body weight), Adam (45% of his body weight), Jesse (he now has a neck and looks wonderful), and Anna (lost 109 lbs). 

It will be interesting to see what next season brings.  Some of the previews for next season, which starts on January 4th (mark it on your calendars), made me a bit teary eyed, so I have high hopes.  I hope to see real change.  Next season will be Jillian’s last on BL, so I am sure it will be bittersweet, whatever happens.  Thank goodness we will still have Bob (who looked fab in his tuxedo)!

And this brings me to the Pick-up-Sticks and Charlie’s Angels part of this post: 

Fit Magazine has put together some really fun moves that are demonstrated in this fitness video.  I like most of the moves and they definitely present a challenge.  Why not pick 3 and add them to your workout this week?  It will be a good way to mix-it-up and add a little pizzazz to your workout!  Let me know how it goes.

Total Body Recharge Videos at Fitness Magazine.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

P.S.  And some of the contestants are still crazy!
P.P.S.  Patrick and Frado did look good, as did Ada, but for me it didn’t feel the same as in past seasons.


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    • Hey Jody I hope you are feeling better. I just read your post on your injury. The stretches you are doing are exactly what my Dr. instructs people to do!! Hang in there.

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