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Feeling a little stressed?

I am, but you know what I am going to do about it?  I am going to the gym.  I am going to get on the treadmill and I am going to walk/run.  I am going to give myself completely over to the process, because, exercise and sweat is just what I need when I start to feel like the girl in the picture (and I looked a lot like this yesterday).

No matter how long your To Do list is, take some time today to stretch, to walk in place, to breathe deeply.  Take time for yourself, whether it’s 10 minutes or 60 minutes.

Just do it.  Just Breathe.


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  1. True to my word, Jimmy and I were in the gym this morning at 7:50 (yes, miracles do happen), which felt a little strange, but now feels great because I’m done :). Hope you find some respite to the holiday busy-ness.

  2. Well, did my outside workout in the gym yesterday & still raining like crazy.. I will be standing most of the day to try to help heal the back & do rehab too… sitting is not good for it right now.. burning more calories standing! 🙂

  3. TIme is the ultimate gift. I got lots done on Friday night so that I have time to get out for a 10 mile run this afternoon. And, judging by the noise the boys are making, it’s a really good thing that I did that.

  4. Feeling stressed, yes I am. We went to the gym early today because I had to be at TJ’s at 10:00, and for us to roll out of bed before 9:00 on a Sunday is big, but today we were headed home from the gym by 9:00

    I hope all of you had a great day, I sure did, and a little exercise had me moving in the right direction.

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