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Holla! It’s Holiday Fever, Bieber Fever, & Meatless Monday All Rolled Into One!

I am in the midst of Holiday Fever…

which is to be distinguished from Justin Bieber Holiday Fever (so called because the pop star has a JB figure out just in time for the holidays).  I make this distinction because when I was sick last week one of my students asked me if I was sick with Bieber Fever :).

Anyhooo, I have Holiday Fever (minus the Bieber) which for me means that I start holiday projects (that should have been started months ago) way too late, e.g., I thought it was a good idea to begin crocheting a Christmas Tree yesterday (I will show you the results, soon, I hope). 

Since I am in the midst of holiday fever I should be posting a Meatless Monday recipe with some holiday in it, but I saw this trailer for a documentary called, Forks Over Knives, that I thought provides all the reasons anyone would need to understand why going meatless, at least one day a week, is important for your health/life, and so the holiday will have to wait.

Take a minute (2.12 minutes) to watch the trailer and see what you think.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


The filmakers make some really good points about the benefits of a plant based diet, however, I think the reasons why we are an unhealthy nation are more complex than “we need to eat more plants”.  Yes, a protein based diet, especially one based on factory farmed animals, contributes significantly to high rates of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, along with other diseases and health problems, however, other culprits include: A Western diet based in fats, fast food, and processed foods, AND, little or no exercise.  Still, the message is simple and sound:

Eat more plants and less protein.

This way of living will make you, the planet, and all the farm animals happy.  You want to be the cause of happiness don’t you?


P.S. In case you wanted to see what a JB action figure looks like:

Justin Bieber Just-in time for the holidays!


4 thoughts on “Holla! It’s Holiday Fever, Bieber Fever, & Meatless Monday All Rolled Into One!

  1. I love this post. This is what I think, at what point does someone chosse to take pills, have your chest split open, have a tube shoved down your throat, and die early, over exercise and eating healthy?

  2. I almost clicked off when I saw Bieber’s pic & then I saw you were not a fan. That thing with him.. craziness!

    I survived the all weight workout even with my back issues & did lots more than I could last week… getting better!

    Great post!

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