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We got this beautiful card from Erica H. at I Run Because…I Can.  First of all, I love that she sent us a card.  Receiving fun things in the mail is really underrated.  Second, what a perfect card for runners and workout enthusiasts alike.

Here’s a big virtual hug and kiss for you Erica! 

Thanks for making our season bright!

Have a fa-la-la-la-la Wednesday :).


6 thoughts on “Look!

  1. CUTE! Now, I am just waiting till I can run again.. if this back ever heals enough! Here I always bit*hed about it & when I can’t do it, I want to be able to! 😉

    Still got my cardio in without the running this morn & of course weights.. plus more rehab!

  2. Jody, you definitely have to take it easy (on the running) until you are healed! I know what you mean about the complaining because we “have to do something” and then when we can’t do that “something” we suddenly can’t wait to do it!

    We planned to workout this morning, but holiday craziness and work changed that plan. Tomorrow it’s Zumba for me or I will go completely and utterly mad :).

  3. It was nice getting that card in the mail, I should send more cards. No more being lazy for me, it is time to get things done, and I need to start with exercise.

  4. Love the card!

    I’m so glad that Erica and others are still mailing Christmas cards. The art of letter writing and card giving is disappearing; now, every one of them means so much more.

  5. I agree with Cynthia..The art of mailing cards. Greg and I always enjoy cards we receive. We will definetly be mailing more in the future. Thanks the card

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