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End of the Year Thought Provoker

We’re still recovering from the holiday, so we needed this post to shake us up a bit (my brain was reveling in its lethargy).  Can’t wait to hear your responses!

Have a tenacious and thoughtful Tuesday,


7 thoughts on “End of the Year Thought Provoker

  1. Like that pic! Well, I am at about 95 % healed on the back so I am feeling good.

    Biggest challenge – right now it is major money issues!

    BUT had a great workout today.. can run again & move almost like nothing happened 2 weeks ago to my back!

  2. My biggest challenge is getting my life headed in the right direction again. 2011 will be a great year if a few things can happen: 1. Inperspire takes off like crazy, when that takes place, the four of us can start getting paid by Inperspire, at that point we can put all of our energy into the business, and that should help it grow. 2. We have the freedom to do what we want, so Darla will not feel like she is tied to WU, and can do whatever she likes.

    My challenge is getting the ball rolling so that all of these things can take place.

  3. Getting back on track for 2011. The holidays are always challenging for us, we love to eat and drink to much. January 3rd is our start date( this is because we have a big Seahawks vs Rams game on Sunday the 2nd, which will be a party)

  4. The biggest challenge I face right now is figuring out what we should do with our lives. Should we run off to live in Hawaii or California (the problem, besides money for living, is that would mean we would have to leave Robbie & Tricia, which we can’t even imagine), should we become foster parents, should I really teach elementary school? That’s a lot of should we’s….

    We worked out yesterday, but today is a day off. Tomorrow we will be back in the gym. Maybe the gym wil provide some answers :).

  5. My biggest challenge right now is getting Grandma R. taken care of. We will see how that all turns out. Then I have to say getting over this fracture in my foot. Tomorrow is the Dr.’s again and I KNOW he will let me out of this boot!!!!

    Hope everyone had a nice holiday, and the same with the New Year. M.

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