Homer's Odyssey

a girl and a guy’s 365 day odyssey to find their way back home (to being fit and fabulous)

This is where it all started a little more than 365 days ago, with a journey I likened to Odysseus’ journey home:

Son of Laertes, of the seed of Zeus, Odysseus of many devices, so it is indeed thy wish to get thee home to thine own dear country even in this hour? Good fortune go with thee even so! Yet didst thou know in thine heart what a measure of suffering thou art ordained to fulfil [to] reach thine own country?  ~Calypso to Odysseus (Book V, The Odyssey)

[homer.bmp]December 26, 2009.  This is our first post. We find ourselves at the precipice of a new year carrying a “few” more pounds than last year. We are old pros at New Year resolutions. We renew our fitness goals each year, but what we want to do this year is figure out how to sustain our resolve to lose weight, get in shape, and stay fit. We have given this a lot of thought and we have come up with an answer…accountability. For the next 365 days we will account for ourselves and our actions in this blog. Good days and bad days. We will keep track of our journey – our odyssey to good health in 2010. If you have ever struggled to maintain your fitness goals, please join us. We would love to hear from you.

Day 1. We didn’t dare weigh today (why start off on a bad note), but we did go to the gym. Yay! 20 minutes on the stairclimber, 10 minutes on the rower, 15 minutes on the treadmill, and sit ups. It was a good first effort. Jimmy said we need to set goals. I think big…a half-marathon…a stair climb challenge. Jimmy says, “Let’s start by thinking about our goals in the gym. How many stairs do we want to climb each week, how many miles on the treadmill , what about weights?” We are thinking it over. Day 1 – done.

And that’s how our journey started.

And we are still going…


13 thoughts on “a girl and a guy’s 365 day odyssey to find their way back home (to being fit and fabulous)

    • Thanks, Jody! Jimmy says he has a good feeling about 2011, and I do too. I am soooooooo glad your back is better and it was really only two weeks when it could have been so much longer if you weren’t in such good shape. Yay!

  1. This was a long but good journey, and this time it will keep on going.

    I am 6 feet tall and my starting weight was 210 pounds, now I am at 184, but I am not going to stop.

    The holiday chips and candy are in the trash, and now it is time to get going.

  2. I am off to the gym for a total cardio blast. I am starting the Body For Life program on January 3rd, The last time I did this program was in 2005 and I was in the best shape of my life so wish me luck and health.

    • Of course, we are wishing you luck, but you know you don’t need it, you just need to put your mind to it. Once you are determined there is no stopping you, Dana!

  3. You guys have done such a great job. You stuck with it, even when you didn’t feel like it. You set a goal and you made it! You should be very proud, we are definitely proud of you.

    • You two are SO sweet. You know how much we love you. I want all of us to do a warrior dash or one of the mud/obstacle course runs this year. What do you think?

  4. YAY–YAY–for you guys. You made up your minds and really stuck to it, and it shows. Proud that you two are realated to me.

    I have good news for myself…I AM BOOTLESS. Took it off this morning for the first time in almost four months. Have to be pretty careful for awhile but feels so good.

    Congrats on your first of many years of good health.


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