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I’m Posting Every Day (well almost) in 2011!

WordPress.com has made it easier for bloggers to post every day by giving us The DailyPost – a community of bloggers with similiar goals – to help along the way. 

My goal for last year, my first year of blogging, was to post 365 Days.  I made this pledge as part of

“A Girl and a Guy’s 365 Day Odyssey to get back home to being fit and fabulous (yes, like Odesseus’ voyage) in 2010”. 

I came close to meeting my goal and I am happy with my efforts.  This year I make a similar pledge to post (almost) every day :).

I guess this can be counted among my goals/resolutions for 2011!


3 thoughts on “I’m Posting Every Day (well almost) in 2011!

  1. Man..What are you drinking with this commitment? I am impressed!! This is like when I call everyone ( while drinkin heavily) and plan a party, then when it comes I think WOW, what the hell was I thinking!!
    Power to the post!!!

  2. Woo-hoo!!!
    Thanks, Darla, for being such an extraordinary inspiration with your blog!!

    Looking forward to another year of your blog!

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