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It’s A New Day

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes.  Our house escaped the tornado destruction, but it was so close that it has really shaken us a bit.  It is also so sad to see the destruction in our neighborhood/area and to know that people’s lives have been turned upside down within a few short seconds.  I don’t feel comfortable taking a picture of the homes that were destroyed, but for another very creepy look at the power poles and lines down along Watson Road (for those of you who live here it is across from Walgreens and Kohls, just up the street from our house):

The crazy thing is that just before the tornado happened Jimmy and I were out running.  We heard the tornado sirens, but we ignored them, like we always do.  When we got back to our house, we felt something like an earthquake (which we are very sensitive to after living through several of them in California), but still we ignored it.  Then while I was showering, Jimmy was in the office and he heard what sounded like a train, but he ignored it (remember we are also experiencing a crazy storm at this time – but that’s not unusual in St. Louis).  Then our power went out, but again, that’s not unusual.  Then we heard emergency vehicle sirens, a lot of them, and they continued for at least 40 minutes before Jimmy decided he better go outside and ask one of the neighbors about the power outage, and about the large number of vehicles driving down our normally very quiet street.  That’s when we found out that a tornado had hit our neighborhood and Sunset Hills. 

The moral of this story, pay attention, don’t take things for granted, be thankful.

We have finally settled down enough today to write our resolutions.  We have a number of them and we are looking forward to sharing.  We will post them with our Meatless Monday post and recipe (which you are going to love) tomorrow. 

Have a beautiful Sunday,


3 thoughts on “It’s A New Day

  1. Wow that is beyond scary! I am so glad that you all are okay. I just heard about this last night on the news and just got around to coming online… I was hoping that you would have done a post on it and that you were okay. So glad that you are okay!!


    ps so far I haven’t had meat in the new year! haha it’s a start at least. I was told that I really need to make sure that I keep my protein up high. So now I need to figure out high protein foods that actually taste good.

  2. WOW!! Sorry about the excitement and damage to neighbors. Grateful you guys are ok (although it sounds like the thing could have hit you on top of the head and you wouldn’t have noticed).
    Tell Robbie his games are safe with us.
    We wish you well.

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