Thought Provoking

Thought Provoking Tuesday

The answers to this question should be interesting :).

Have a thoughtful Tuesday,


10 thoughts on “Thought Provoking Tuesday

  1. Love that pic.. the question stopped me in my tracks. Wanted to say the smells of Hawaii when I am there but also.. and I hate to bring up food… fresh baked bread! 😉 I would take Hawaii right now!

    Good cardio & great weights this morn but the new years peeps are showing up, even at my time!

    • Hawaii is such a good answer! Fresh baked bread…yummy! If the new year peeps are showing up at the time you are working out they must be truly committed :).

  2. One of my favorite smells is the smell of burning wood because it reminds me of Kenya. My other favorite smells: coffee brewing (just something about it that makes me happy) and there is this certain smell on summer days that smells like the grass I used to walk across on my way home from school when I was young.

    We may try to go out for a quick walk/run and then weights as soon as it warms a bit here.

  3. As soon as Darla told me what the blog post is, I thought of Hawaii. I remember before she went to Hawaii for the first time I would tell her, you willlove the way it smells, it smells like flowers, ocean and clean, all together.

    Also, I like the smell of my pasta sauce cooking, when you smell that, you know a good time is just around the corner.

    Another great smell is the smell of the ocean in your house or hotel room when you have your windows open.

  4. Hawaii and Vanilla. I love th e smell of rain also but we have had our fair share this year. I think smells bring back so many memories.

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