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It’s Mystery Date, Mystery Guest, Mystery Trainers…

It’s Biggest Loser Couples, 2011, Season 11!  Yay!

Can't wait for the new season? Here's a sneak peek of what to expect!

I wasn’t sure how much I would love having two new trainers on the Biggest Loser.  After all, who could possibly compete with Bob and Jillian?  But, Biggest Loser has done a great job at creating just the right milieu and hype for the new trainers, WHO remain to be named!

I L-O-V-E-D last night’s episode.  The couples are interesting, real, and genuine about their need to lose weight.  They are so much more likeable and better, in my opinion, than last season.

I already have my favorites, e.g., Rulon and Justin (now, really, who could not love Rulon, America’s Olympic Wrestler?) and his friend Justin is a real kick.  I also love Arthur, who is so obese it is hard to watch, and his father.  Love, love, love them.  I also find the purple team, the sisters, Olivia and Hannah, to be very funny, and Moses and his daughter are just two people you want to win.  There are other favorites as well, e.g., the twins from Oklahoma (one of their sons has decided not to see his father any more because he is obese and going to die from it, and the other twin lost his 24 year old son to drugs).

I shed more than a few tears during last night’s episode…sometimes I feel like the weight of the world…

As is our tradition, here are our favorite quotes from last night’s episodes:

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Workout!  ~Bob & Jillian

I am going to give you someting for your leg, it’s called the treadmill, Enjoy!  ~ Jillian

We can’t think about the end game, we need to think just about today.  ~Bob to Arthur (who weights 507 lbs at 5’8″)

I cannot deny him his growth.  ~Arthur’s father

C’mon kids, change your life, let’s go.  ~Jillian (as she brought the big truck around for the contestants to push one mile)

By the way, Bob looked awesome!  His vegan diet is certainly doing him well.  Jillian just looked like Jillian…fabulous!

Any guess as to who the new trainers might be?

It’s going to be a a great season!


6 thoughts on “It’s Mystery Date, Mystery Guest, Mystery Trainers…

  1. Meant to post late last night and got distracted, so for Tuesday: 5+ miles: check! arm weights: check! Calorie balance: check!

    And I decided for now keeping track of more than 3 things is just too complicated. Pitiful, but honest!

    Maybe I’ll be higher functioning later in the year, but for now I have vague goals to eat lower on the food chain and have something calorie-free instead of a glass of wine with dinner, but I’m not going to track.

    BTW, with the help of boot camp, I took off 15 pounds last January – July. I’ve let five creep back, on but I know I can lose ten this year, to bring me down to 130, which is a health BMI for me. (Karma and I are both somewhat vertically challenged.) Actually I’d really like to hover at 127 so that when I go on vacation or whatever and am not vigilant, the upward creep doesn’t put me outside a healthy BMI.

    So those are my resolutions!

    • Carolyn – As I was reading your comment I was thinking, “is this my Carolyn?” Wow! 5+ miles for Tuesday, arm weights, and calorie balance. You are becoming a machine (I really mean this).

      I agree that trying to keep track of too many things can be too much. You know what you need to do to get where you want to go so just keep track of those things.

      I wish you all could see Carolyn – when she comes to visit me in my office I always tell her how fabulous she looks because she REALLY does! Losing the weight we don’t need, and gaining mental and physical strength in the process, changes us inside and out.

      I too am trying to get down to 130, but I can tell you that getting down to that weight is going to take some serious effort on my part. Reading your post has made me ready to take that challenge on!

  2. Doing great went to the gym despite not feeling well the last two days. I will not make it today because my cold has now turned into a fever and pehaps the flu. This is my first itme being really sick in years..Power to the new year and all of everyone’s resolutions.

  3. Sorry you have been sick Dana. Take care of yourself now and you will be back in the gym in no time.

    Yesterday Jimmy and I went for our walk/run in what I consider to be very cold weather, but warm enough (with the sun, in the late afternoon) to do it. I have felt a little out of sorts workout wise lately, and I struggled a bit on our run, but afterwards I felt great. I noticed that at the end of the night I was still doing my dance steps and calf raises 🙂

    By the way, one thing I didn’t put down for my New Year’s resolutions is that I absolutely have to get to bed earlier. Jimmy and I like to stretch the day well into the night, e.g., last night we stayed up until midnight watching Southland and then read once we got to bed. No wonder I am so tired this morning.

    Tonite I vow to start getting ready for bed at 10:20, in bed by 10:30, finish reading by 11.

  4. Yesterday was a great day, we got a ton of work done at Inperspire, and at home, it is nice because Inperspire and our house are close enough so that we can walk between the two. Also, we had some good exercise and today I weigh 183, I have not been that low for about 20 years.

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