i plan to half knit quite a bit this winter

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That about sums it up, however, I still have time to get one of my “half-done” projects finished.  I might even get my half-finished crochet Christmas tree finished before next year.   Have hope!


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  1. I did not get to walk this morning, so I brought my portable dvd player and inside-walking video to work. We’ll see if I actually pull it out and use it.
    yesterday: 5+ miles: check; weights: check; healthy eating: so-so.

    • Got 1mile and arm weights in at work. much better than nothing. Will try for more tonight. Am eating too much. decided to get my workout routine down before trying too hard to adjust food. I am easily overwhelmed — don’t want to take on too much at once.

      • I was going to check-in with you during the day to see if you were able to start the workout video. I am glad you got a mile in AND arm weights. You are inspiring me. Today was my day off from the gym, but I have been sitting in my office since 9 am this morning. Only an hour and half to go until Jimmy picks me up – yay! My butt and back are so tired of sitting. I have been getting up and walking around the office, but I don’t think it is doing that much good. I just tried to go to the Nike Women’s Training site that I loved so much much, but they have made it into a APP that only works with iPad and iPhone. Personally, I am not happy about this.

  2. I think instead of knitting, I will try to get T-Unit’s Christmas Stocking done for this year. Sorry about not getting it done for the last one.

    We are off on another shopping trip. When I get home I will get some walking done on the treadmill.

    Cold and very Foggy here today. Airport not running very well. Hope it’s better where you live. M.

    • I know that stocking will be done for next year – Dana’s was so much work – but I know it is beautiful. I will call you all later tonite to see how the treadmill went. It has been lightly snowing here all day.

  3. I have a millionhalf done projects but I will not let me health be a victim this year Went to the gym, pure cardio and I feel okay, still not 100%.

  4. Have you seen the Make it Forward 2011 on Facebook. The idea is that you make something for the first 5 people who comment on your wall. You have this year to do it but, even with 11.5 months left, I worry that I’ll have 5 half-projects to send.

    • I haven’t seen the Make It Forward 2011 on Facebook. Oh, how I love that idea, but dread the very real possibility that only one person will get a half project! I am going to check this out.

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