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Let’s Practice Non-Violence

Non-Violence, peace, peaceful living, love…whatever you call it, we need more of “it” in our world. 

In the wake of more senseless violence and killing of innocent people in Tucson this weekend, I believe it is critical that we begin to practice tolerance, love, and non-violence in our every day lives.  We must begin to value all beings, human and non-human, and become teachers and role models of non-violence.  We must include non-humans in our commitment to non-violence because…

If we stop treating animals like animals, we will stop treating other humans like animals.  ~Gary Francione

Francione asks that we “resolve to stand up against all forms of discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, speciesism) and just say no.”

My thoughts go out to all those who we lost and those who were harmed in the shooting this past weekend.  I find it more than ironic that a 9 year old girl, born on 9/11, and pictured as one of the Faces of Hope for 9/11, was shot senselessly and needlessly.  A life lost because our country is becoming steeped in violence, political vitriol, and intolerance.

Please choose a path of non-violence today in honor of those we lost and for others lost before them.



11 thoughts on “Let’s Practice Non-Violence

  1. We need to choose peace, but we have some problems: When many people in this Country think that it is okay to do what we do to the Farm Animals, and it is okay for Politicians to say whatever they want about other people, and it is okay for some rich people to think that poor people do not have the same rights as they do, and it is okay that we have schools that need teachers but can not hire them because the U.S does not have any money, but we do have the money to pay people to stand up and read the Constitution, or to fight for health care for two years, only to turn around and fight for another two years to get rid of it. Now I may not be the smartest person in the world, but I think that we have to do some rethinking.

  2. Today we did not exercise, even though it was the second day that Jimmy was already to go, but I said I just did not feel like it. I can get this way sometimes. Tomorrow I have promised him I will not back out on him.

    In response to other’s being violent with talk and actions, I get that way too. I made a vow today to be non-violent in my thinking and talking.

  3. So many times in my life things like the shootings in Arizona have taken place. Each time I think this has got to stop, but it seems like some people just think they are always right and they can’t except other peoples views. Hopefully this time we will all take a hard long look at our own views and be a little more tolerant towards others.


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