Thought Provoking

It’s Thought-Provoking Tuesday!

Just reading this question put a smile on my face. 

Enjoy the thinking!


12 thoughts on “It’s Thought-Provoking Tuesday!

  1. Yesterday, my friend, Elizabeth, simply wrote one word on my Facebook Wall “Garum”! When I read that word it made me laugh so hard I almost spit my tea out. Garum is the Roman word for the “uspeakable fish sauce” made in Pompeii and other Roman towns and it was immortalized for Elizabeth and me in a film made on the subject . It was that film and the phrase in the film, “Garum, the unspeakable fish sauce”, which makes us laugh and laugh. Thanks for that, Elizabeth :).

  2. The movie we watched last night, Dinner for Schmucks. It was not the best movie by any means, but it had a few really funny parts. I love funny movies they allow mw to get lost in another world.

  3. A joke that my brother sent about getting even with the wife for alway telling him how to drive. (someone needs to) Made me laugh.

    Also Dana telling us that if she had to take care of us as we get older, she would just drop Dad off at Fred Meyer and let him wonder around all day. He would be in the heights of glory.

    Have a good laugh today…. Momb

  4. LOVE IT! Well, last night I watched a recorded WIPEOUT show – Winter Wipeout.. too funny!

    Great workout this morn before a trip to UCLA for the teeth.. good thing I laughed out loud last night!

  5. Honestly I’ve been laughing at work a lot lately. Not sure I can (or should) describe exactly what is so funny! Today I was crazy busy but still got my 5 miles and weights in — this could become a habit!! Yesterday I made better choices with portion sizes and so far today as well.

    • I heard you laughing down the hall yesterday. Now, I think I better check in with you to see what is so funny. Given the context of our office it could be something quite absurd :).

      I can’t even tell you how excited I am to hear about your continued commitment to fitness. I mean 5 miles and weights – that’s like climbing a mountain for me!

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