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Biggest Loser Meets A Parable

We all know the story of David & Goliath…

The familiar parable was the theme of the Biggest Loser last night as the underdogs, being trained by Bob and Jillian, took on the team of what looks like champions, albeit overweight ones (think Rulon), being trained by the “unknown” trainers.  It made for an fun and and exciting show.

The underdogs showed heart, if not a lot of brains when it came to their challenge, and in the end they prevailed.  Biggest Loser did a great job of creating healthy competition between the two teams.  Jimmy and I found ourselves really rooting for Arthur and Jesse to bring their team the victory at the final weigh-in.  And, you know what, they did!

I like that story.

My favorite quotes from last night:

I got big dreams for you.  ~Bob to Arthur

We ARE going to do this, but we have to do it on our own.  ~Green team daughter to her dad

We’re not underdogs anymore. What kind of dogs are we? We’re top dogs. Okay, then, top dogs signing off. ~Purple team sisters to each other

I highly recommend this season’s Biggest Loser if you are looking for some inspiration.  Whether or not you have a few pounds to shed, there is a lot to the life stories of this season’s contestants, and I think we may all learn a thing or two by watching.

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5 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Meets A Parable

  1. I did a great job on fitness yesterday but was 250 calories over goal, which is not the end of the world but not great, either. Just exercising regularly, tho, I honestly do feel better. Which I hate to admit. Because Coach knows how much I loathe exercise for its own sake. I like to be active but I just hate to exercise. I finally admitted that I am not going to be able to be active with my kids if I don’t keep in shape exercising, because it is too hard to build enough activity that I enjoy in often enough to stay fit. Americans work too much!

  2. This is a good season of Biggest Loser, so if they keep the game playing down this could be the best season.

    Today is a long day, I was at TJ’s at 5:00am and now I am at Inperspire, so no exercise for me.

  3. My hubby deleted the show by mistake but gave me the run down so I was able to read this post today.

    Good workout this morn but a tad tired from the no sleep yesterday before the UCLA trip… hung in there though!

  4. Damit! I had a wienerschnizel chili dog..could not resist since there is only one within 100 miles of us.I do love the new season,

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