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Who’s Up For Taking Time Off?

In my daily Communication Arts newsletter there was a great column entitled “Dave. Stop. Will You?” written by Ernie Schenck. 

The article is about the “art” of disconnecting from technology and in the article Schenck refers to the Sabbath Manifesto – a movement to unplug once a week (there is also a national unplug day in March).  

I was curious about the Sabbath Manifesto and so I made my way to the site.  I liked what I saw.  Unplugging from technology from sunset to sunset and following 10 simple principles (see below for the principles), one of which is drinking wine, sounded blissful and fun.  Jimmy said he was game to take the Unplug Challenge and we began to talk about what our “Sabbath” would look like and when we would/could do it.

And that’s when the trouble started.  It suddenly got very complicated.  It seems we can’t find a “good” time to unplug.  For example, I can’t unplug during the week because I use technology for my work, so Friday through Saturday is probably the best time for me, but then I remembered that Robbie now has Fridays and Saturdays off.  I am not sure we want to be completely unplugged if Robbie and Tricia want to do something.  Then Jimmy said, “Yeah, and I want to work on our newsletter (which requires technology) this weekend, and I ship (our towels) on Saturdays, AND what about the playoffs?  We went round and round like this until we decided that unplugging was important to us and that we would need to find a way to make it work.

We’re still working on that.

Let us know what you think about the Sabbath Manifesto and Unplugging.  Jimmy and I are very keen to try, and it is up to interpretation how you unplug and follow the principles, so we may well be able to figure out.  It’s kind of sad that it’s this difficult.

We will let you know when we sign the challenge and what we plan to do to unplug. I am looking forward to it.

Happy Friday,



7 thoughts on “Who’s Up For Taking Time Off?

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  2. I do think that we need to unplug for a day, I am not sure if it will be this weekend because I have so much work that I need to get done. Maybe tomorrow will be a day of drinking tea, playing games, eating bread, and drinking wine.

  3. I love the thought of being able to do this. I already know I can not follow through but I can do 8/10 things on the list, which is better than zero. This list makes me want to go to Hawaii, I feel this is usually the closest we ever really get to relaxing. I am kickin butt at the gym lately!!

    • Congrats on kicking butt! I also think that doing 8/10 of the things listed is better than doing none and it may bring us a little closer to that Hawaii feeling!

  4. This is a great idea. Author Julia Cameron even suggests taking a week off from all reading, tv, and radio, too!

    Thanks for this post!

  5. What about the Playoffs? Funny!
    Unplugging is a great idea. I love the Saturday of Earth Week when we can all unplug and not worry about it. Our world is just too darn busy.

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