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It’s Tuesday Time To Provoke Your Thoughts

Since time is not something we can get back, I thought this might be a good question for us to consider.

Have a thoughtful Tuesday,





8 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday Time To Provoke Your Thoughts

  1. Probably too many hours! Have never even counted it & scared too! 😉 You are right, we can’t get it back – important point!

    OK, off the computer & in the gym – great workout this morn both cardio & weights!

  2. Well I do have an online business, and I do all of my bills and everything else online, so I would say between 70 and 100 hours a week.

    On another note last weekend we did not go online or watch TV from sundowm Fri to sundown Sat, and it was nice, I think that we are going to do that every weekend.

  3. Way too many to count. If I had to estimate, I would say about 35 hours a week. Greg probably spends 75+ a week. Wow, we all need to get our lives back.
    Great thought for the day.

  4. I am afraid to answer this question, but let’s say that committing to the Sabbath Manifesto made me realize how much I don’t need to spend time online. I guess much of my time is spent on the computer designing things rather than online, but it still “sucks me in” just the same.

    We took yesterday and today off from the gym. The new semester has begun so Jimmy and I will work out our gym schedule this week. I am hoping spring will come early this year so we can start working out outside again.

  5. Too many – part of my job, unfortunately. Once out the door, though, I’m off the computer until the boys are in bed. Unfortunately, it means late nights – a trade-off.

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